Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Life – Zendaya’s Little Sister

kaylee stoermer coleman life zendaya's little sister

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is a sibling to a famous personality called Zendaya who acts in movies. Zendaya has a female character in the popular TV show known as Spiderman. For those who don’t know, Zendaya is older than Kaylee, while Kaylee is Zendaya’s half sister. Their father’s name is Kazembe Coleman. Zendaya and Kaylee have the same dad but different moms. Hence, Kaylee is Kazembe’s last child. Let us dive into Kaylee’s life.

Life of Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

When Exactly Was Kaylee Born?

Kaylee is Zendaya’s sister. The exact date of birth of Kaylee is unknown, so nobody knows Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s age. Nevertheless, she is speculated to have come to this world in the 2000s. People have a reason to think that Kaylee is a 2000s child otherwise known as Gen Z. She and her celebrity sibling were spotted in a Michael Jackson music video. This indicates that they were right to suspect Kaylee to be a Gen Z. Additionally, she and Zendaya have sometimes attended various events ever since she grew up. You can also find snippets of her life on Kaylee Stoermer Coleman’s Instagram page.

Furthermore, many people wonder about Zendaya’s siblings because most of them stay out of the limelight. Therefore, fans of Zendaya think she has no siblings. However, the appearance of Kaylee put that speculation to rest.

Zendaya actually has non-celebrity siblings who live normal lives. Even though their sister Zendaya acts in movies every year, her siblings choose to be mysterious. The family also respected the privacy of Zendaya’s siblings and allowed them to live their lives in private.

About Kaylee’s Father And Mother

Kaylee shares the same father with Zendaya but doesn’t share the same mother. Kaylee has never revealed the identity of the woman who gave birth to her. But some time ago, her dad uploaded an image of two ladies on his social media account. He called both ladies in the image the mothers of his children. However, no one knows who Kaylee’s mum is among the ladies in the image.

Her father is called Kazembe. Kaylee’s dad has five kids, including Zendaya and Kaylee from different women. He owns an entertainment company in their country of residence. Additionally, Kazembe produces music and some people think he has a resort too. Kaylee’s father’s ethnicity is African-American. In addition, he can also trace his ancestry to Arkansas. As the last child of her father, Kaylee is seen as the baby of the house.

Why is Kaylee Called Stoermer?

The Stoermer name isn’t on Kaylee’s official birth record, nonetheless, she also answers to Stoermer unofficially. Stoermer is actually part of her former stepmother’s name.

Why Do People Think That Zendaya is Kaylee’s Adopted Sister?

Zendaya isn’t an adopted child. Zendaya and Kaylee look different because they have different mothers who come from different roots. But Kaylee is Zendaya’s little Sister. Most people speculate that Zendaya doesn’t share the same blood with her siblings. They’re wrong because all Kazembe’s children have his blood. Kaylee’s father divorced her mother and married Zendaya’s mum whose ethnicity is white. Zendaya got her biracial features from her dad and mom. The white woman that Kaylee’s father married is called Claire Stoermer. The lady gave birth to Zendaya for Kazembe and became Kaylee’s stepmom before divorcing Kazembe.

About Zendaya’s Mom

Zendaya has a mom called Claire Stoermer. Claire was also the former stepmom of Kaylee. She was formerly teaching at an educational institution but has since established her own business. Claire makes jewelry and sells her products to customers. She also displays her crafts on her social media. Claire has a creative bone and her products quickly became popular on Instagram. Zendaya supports her mom’s work and wears her jewelry. In addition, Claire is employed as the house manager of a theater.

Kaylee’s Sisters and Brothers

Kaylee has four older sisters and brothers. Last year, their father uploaded another picture that shows a lady carrying a small baby in her arms. The baby is different from Kaylee and her four siblings. Their father captioned the baby as his firstborn, Latonja. Nobody knows about her nor does she appear in Coleman’s family pictures.

Kaylee’s Sister’s Dating Rumor

Zendaya’s dating scandal with Holland is not a new thing, though neither agree nor disagree. However, they have hinted on more than many occasions that both have a relationship beyond co-stars.

Then mid last year, both were caught kissing inside a vehicle. This added fuel to their dating rumors and dispelled the notion that they are best friends.

In the same vein, another actor hinted at a possible relationship between Holland and Zendaya. He made this ambiguous statement during an interview to promote their new film. Zendaya also nodded ambiguously when asked about the relationship between her and Holland.

Furthermore, the actor said that Holland is Zendaya’s crush to which the actress giggled in response. This added a bit of confirmation to the unclear relationship between Holland and Zendaya.

Kaylee’s Love Life

Some fans have been asking questions about Kaylee’s love life because Kaylee is a private person. Some want to know if she’s dating or married because she never divulges her personal life. But asking questions about Kaylee’s marital life is not a valid one. This is because she is not old enough to get married. In fact, marriage isn’t on teenage minds right now. However, while Kaylee is not married, it might be possible or not that she is in a relationship.


Kaylee Stoermer Coleman and the rest of her family are a close-mouthed and private bunch. Apart from a dating scandal or two, they stay out of the public eye. They have not been involved in any big scandal. It can be seen that the parents protect their children and don’t want them to be subjected to public scrutiny. Even Zendaya, who is Kaylee’s sister, is protective of her non-celebrity siblings.

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