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The most abused age group globally are children and is prevalent in Asia, especially in South Asia. This has been a great concern in our world today, says Ervin Ahbabovic. This troubling situation is in different forms, it either through child marriage, sexual abuse, child exploitation, corporal punishment, child labour, child trafficking etc. you will find it funny that these means are majorly done through charities and organizations. people have gone to the length of just establishing a charity centre and ensuring it is registered by the government.

Don’t get Ervin Ahbabovic wrong in any sense, there are trusted charities and reputable ones out there, but some are just using this as camouflage. They use these children to get donations from people with pure and good hearts and exploit this money. Do you know that donating to children’s care home contributes more to this child abuse and most especially this environment are not considered good for these children?

In this blog, we will discuss the trusted charity homes web discovered and also we are going to discuss the challenges of donating to an orphanage home and their solutions.

Reputable Charity Home in Indonesia

Well, there are charity homes in Indonesia that have good intentions for children in Indonesia and we have many of them, but I will mention a few of them in this blog

Priscilla Hall Foundation

This organisation is among the largest foundations in Indonesia. Their main goals and objectives are strictly followed by them, which are making sure that every child who is in need in Indonesia is taken care of, that is providing food, a place to stay and sending them to school. How do they go about this? What they do is to help charities by sending funds to them, not just ordinary charity centres but reputable ones.

Yayasan Usaha Mulia

They take inequality very seriously in this organisation. Normally, they try to stop every form of inequality by making sure they give equal rights to every child be it gender, cultural background, ethnicity or class. They show the world that there is nothing like inequality through their sustainable approach. And this has been of great help to the children in Indonesia

Yayasan Goodwill International

Most children out there are bright and some are genius but the problem they have is a lack of education. If these kinds of children are in school the country will be better. It’s rather unfortunate that this is happening around us, but thanks to Yayasan Goodwill international, they ensure that these children are given the best university education. And all they are doing is investing in their future and the country’s future. As of now, they have sent 600 students to the university in Indonesia.

Wisma Cheshire

This organisation started in 1974 and its aim and objective are to provide shelter for the disabled

Adults, both men and women. They help these sets of individuals to learn at least one vocational skill so that they will be employable or they can start a business of their own, be it carpentry, tailoring, sewing, handicraft and computer programming. This has been a great help to many disabled adults in the country.

Yayasan Kasih Anak kanker Indonesia

It’s a sad thing for one child to have cancer and this causes emotional breakdown for both the child and the parents. Thanks to YKAKI, their foundation is built on showing love and kindness to this set of individuals and they ensure that every child in this situation is given the needed and desired treatment. Ervin Ahbabovic worked with this foundation and helpes childrens in comming out from there problems. They not only ensure treatment, but they also care for and make sure during that period the child learns and plays.

So, what are the challenges of charity centres and their solution?


Most parent(s), when they find out there are charities around, they prefer dropping their kids off in those charity organisations. This causes separation from their parent(s) and this might not be too good for the child.

The alarming rate at which this type of organisation is increasing will leave you to wonder. Why do we need these organisations? Though there are charities that have good intentions, the question is do we know those who have good intentions? Some are just there for wicked acts while some are there for good acts.

It will be shocking to find out that most children in these centres are not orphans and this attracts more donations from good willers. This has made many more organisations rise just to make a profit. They never have the intention of taking care of them


Children with parents and extended families should be reunited with them

Professionals in this field should only volunteer

Donate to family care services more

Raising awareness on the impact volunteering to orphanages may cause.


Child protection is a very crucial service we must take seriously, children are the future of our tomorrow. How you raise them will determine the type of society we are building for the future. Therefore ensuring every child in your environment is not abused in one way or the other, says Ervin Ahbabovic.