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IUEDS Lifestyle Magazine

Have you been passionate about writing and you’re looking for the right platform to showcase your skills? Do you have creative ideas and are always eager to put them down for the world to read? Or you are simply a professional writer and want to earn extra income as a freelancer? Fret not, we’ve got the right place for you! IUEDS Lifestyle Magazine is an online platform that has creative writers writing for the page. You don’t need to be a writer with many years of experience. You just need to have a good command of English, good writing skills, and creative ideas. Even if you are a lifestyle enthusiast, your knowledge and experiences are welcome on the website.

About Us

What is IUEDS all about? We are a lifestyle magazine with a website that educates the audience across various fields and disciplines. No matter the kind of profession you do, we offer useful tips on subjects relating to your job.

We are aware that information is power and key to success. Hence, we encourage sharing of ideas that are beneficial to people, especially our young readers.

Writers are given a chance to express themselves and share their skills, experience, and knowledge.

Our website isn’t only about entertainment, it is also educational and engaging.

Our watchword is to provide relevant information to our readers and a good platform for our writers. Whether you are a writer, furniture maker, blogger, technologist, or car dealer, we are open to you all. We bridge the gap between office workers and skilled workers.

If you are a writer, our company gives you room to grow. Our working hours are flexible. We like to inspire our writers with generous salaries and incentives.

If you are interested in writing articles for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can send us a message on our email address, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube link provided on our website.

Our Services

As the world evolves, so also IUEDS evolve with it to keep up with the times. Gone were the days of reading only on print media. Technology has advanced to digital media on mobile and computer devices. We’ve branded ourselves in such a way that you can access our content even when you’re in your room. You can read our content anywhere and anytime. Just have your device (phone, laptop, tablet) and an internet connection with you and you’re good to go.

We have a writing team, editing team, technology team, developing team, analyzing team, and many more. Our teams are committed to providing our readers with quality informative content. Our dedicated teams are experienced in the use of modern technology and stay up to date on recent trends. They use their knowledge to create learning content that is informative but not boring.

Their contributions have helped our readers easily solve issues in their daily lives.

We don’t just post our articles straight to the website. We have professional editors, proofreaders, and technicians who check for errors and the credibility of the content. Any content posted on our website is vetted by our expert team to prevent the spreading of misinformation.

Our team is like a family that comes together to make things work properly.

Our Aim

We want our site visitors to be enthralled by our interesting yet unique content. The aim is to proffer solutions to everyday problems and tips to improve your lifestyle.

We want to be a website that keeps our readers coming back for more.

IUEDS Achievements

With our strong team, resources, and commitment, we have been able to achieve our goals and many more. We’ve offered our readers the best intent and we will continue to do so. Therefore, we are the go-to online source for credible and quality content. Our growth rate for the past year is more than our expectations. Our site visitors and readers have increased and we have received more positive feedback for our posts. We are happy that more writers have gotten in touch with us to be featured on our website.

We have received feedback from our young readers who said our tech content has inspired them to be scientists.

Our open-mindedness encourages positive criticism from our readers to help us improve our services. Our website is open for site visitors irrespective of age, gender, or work field. We especially welcome content from diverse individuals.

Our Reputation

IUEDS is known to be transparent, flexible, honest, and provides an authentic source of information. We know the harm wrong information causes, so we have a strict rule against posting misleading content. We are a brand that values our integrity. IUEDS appreciates the trust our readers have in us and we promise not to take their loyalty for granted.

We have feedback on our website for our readers to reach out to us. No man is an island of knowledge, hence we welcome any additional suggestions from our readers.


Don’t shy away from contacting us if you have ideas or want to work for us.

So, what are you waiting for?