How to Choose an International School in Singapore for Your Preschool Going Child

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International schools in Singapore are designed to provide students with an international education experience through English-medium preschool instruction and curricula like the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, IGCSE, and the CBSE frameworks.

International schools in Singapore are now becoming more popular among ex-pats, but what are they like? The first thing to note is that these schools follow English-medium instruction. This means that all of their subjects are taught in English, from Maths to Science, Social Studies and Languages. The next thing to note is that this is not just a school for ex-pats – it provides an international education experience for all students, whether they’re locals or foreigners.

At the majority of the International Schools in Singapore, kindergarten education is given a lot of importance. It is believed that children who attend preschool are more likely to show higher cognitive and social-emotional skills according to a study published by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Singapore Preschools

Singapore has a high-quality preschool system that is world-renowned for its innovative curriculum and focuses on child development. The aim of the preschool system in Singapore is to provide children with the best possible start in life.

Research shows that early childhood education is instrumental for children to develop their cognitive, language, social, and moral skills. It also helps them to better understand how the world works and how they can be successful by managing their emotions and developing empathy towards others.

The benefits of preschool are vast. It can help your child with reading, writing, math, and science skills while also increasing their self-confidence. When choosing the best preschool for their children, here are few points that parent keeps in mind:

Location – Is the Preschool Close to Home?

The location of the preschool is a key concern for many parents when deciding which school to send their child to. The location of any school will determine how easy it will be for parents to drop off and pick up their child after work, as well as whether the school is in an area where traffic and parking may be difficult.

Curriculum and Teaching Style – How Does the School Teach? 

When selecting a preschool, the first thing parents look for is the teaching methodology and curriculum followed by that school. Many International Schools in Singapore either follow a single curriculum or a blend of 2 approaches to come up with their own unique curriculum. Curriculums that you can explore at preschools in Singapore are – Global Montessori Plus program, Waldorf’s method, High Scope approach method, and the national curriculum which is operated by the MOE Kindergarten, Singapore.

Cost of International Schools in Singapore

Along with the rise of international schools in Singapore, it is important to know that these schools are not cheap. The average tuition for an international school is about SGD $30,000 to $40,000. This may be a high cost, but this price is worth it because of the quality of education that these schools provide.

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of these international schools. When parents are deciding where their child will go to school, they often look at the location and size of the school before deciding on a certain school. The bigger and more successful international schools charge higher tuition fees than smaller ones as they offer better facilities and specialized teachers which make them more expensive. For example – one year at an international pre-primary/primary school will cost about US$18,000 for one child while one year at an international secondary school will cost about US$27,000 for one child.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The importance of infrastructure and facilities at preschools cannot be underestimated. The quality of the environment has a direct impact on the children’s ability to learn and grow.

It is important to note that when we speak about preschools, we are not talking about just classrooms or play areas. We are actually referring to all aspects of the physical environment in which children spend their days.

Physical facilities at preschools include things like classrooms, playgrounds, and dining halls. They have social facilities as well, such as teacher-student ratios, teacher qualifications, and school hours.

The facility and infrastructure at a preschool are important because they can dictate the quality of education that students receive. When choosing a preschool, parents should ensure that the school provides 100% safety and security for their children by having security cameras all around the campus and making sure the flooring and teaching materials being used are child-friendly.

Teachers and Faculty

Young children tend to be inquisitive by nature, they want to learn new things and explore their surroundings. This is why it is important that preschools hire teachers that are knowledgeable of the latest developments in early childhood education so that they can give them the best learning opportunities possible.

Moreover, when parents are choosing good international preschools, they want to ensure that their child is loved and feels comfortable with his class teacher. This is because teachers are one of the most important people in small children’s lives. Their behavior can have a huge influence on how the children behave and interact with others in society. Also, teachers should give their undivided attention to the child so that she knows if a child is doing something wrong or needs help.

Programs and Activities – What Extracurricular Activities Do They Offer in Preschool That may be Appealing

Pre-schoolers need to have extracurricular activities to further develop their skills and knowledge. They also need a balance between social time with friends and time for themselves.

In a preschool, they offer many different types of programs for the children. From sports, arts, science, and music to outdoor playtime, computer games, and reading groups. There is something for everyone! Ample outdoor opportunities such as field trips, and gardening are very important to provide children opportunities to grow their horizons and explore around.

Hence, parents should choose a preschool that not only focuses on the academics and intellectual development of children but also provides them with many activities for their overall development.


With the ever-increasing population in Singapore, it is important to ensure that children are ready for the future. Lastly, International Schools in Singapore need to take the importance of preschool seriously because early childhood education empowers children and prepares them for their future careers.