Want a Career as a Manager, Do You Have It in You?


A mathematician from the University of Bath, Joe Choong, won Gold for Britain at the Olympics in Tokyo in the Pentathlon last week. Choong harped on the media that ‘he always wanted to be the best in the world in one thing’. Pentathletes need to learn four sports combined as one; swimming, fencing, riding, a short sprint, and laser shoot to win. The world talks about Choongs’ victory. Yet, little has been said or written about the ‘manager – his coach’ who helped him work hard for the gold. However, she stands as jubilant, counting it as her victory — Marian George.

Taking up What It Takes to Be a Good Manager, Here are Five Highlights that Lead You to Be One


The ability to mentor those with you remains an essential ability in becoming an able manager. A mentorship that allows an individual to grow larger than life, realizing their potentials molded by the manager to reach a zenith in your capacity as a learner, under the manager, is mentorship.

To be an able manager, ‘mentorship’ remains an innate drive, an inherent quality. It requires the same kind of ‘mentorship’ as manager coach George displayed. Several times, it is best to take the suggestion from your manager for a chance to be a mentor. You can also join as a ‘management assignment expert’ in the academic industry if you would like to pursue this.

Let Others Know Your Aspirations

If you aspire to be a manager, you can’t aim to be one by remaining quiet about it. Let your aspiration be known to your boss, who can guide you to develop the transition required.

Let Others Know Your Aspirations

To pursue a management career in an industry, you need to think about what field appeals most to you before aspiring to be a manager in that area. The field remains vast to decide, as there is science, arts, finances, and other faculties currently, but the degree for studying it remains the same, Business Management or MBA. One can always aspire to choose a private or public or a non-profitable area to seek to become a manager. It remains essential to strengthen your skills.

Managers Are Less Likely To Experience Free Time for Themselves

Less time off, more authority, more leads, the need to fulfill heaps of new requirements thrown each time as challenges are some of the organizational needs required to fulfill.

Therefore, it’s essential to strengthen personal skills as well as confirm preparedness for it. To assess the talents you have already got remains necessary. Also, it remains advisable to seek advice from those already in managerial positions to develop further and accumulate skills.

Extensive research on specific aspects is important: staying awake to changing industry trends and seizing every opportunity to strengthen self capabilities, even if it requires reverse mentoring. If you struggle with management assignments, feel free to reach out to assignment writing help online. The experts who offer help have a vast knowledge of the numerous disciplines of management.

Skills as a manager

Some of the Skills That is a Must to Remain Capable Managers are:

  • Managers take cognizance of their team.
  • Project the finance budget they’re managing.
  • Managers comprehend the goals required to reach.
  • They help plan ways to achieve them.
  • They check that everyone involved understands what’s needed.
  • Managers watch progress make & take action for issues that have occurred that can impact negatively.

Show Your Worth

In showing self-worth, the ambition is nurtured in full-fore. However, this needs to be backed by capabilities and self talent. Showing self-worth potential puts across how valuable you remain to the organization. In doing so, substantiate your argument and counter-arguments with leads and figures generated to improve business or reasons why it did well or did not do as well as expected. All this together can then provide an opportunity for a better position; that everyone aims for.

Several Managerial roles differ according to the term used; they have different roles played. For example, a project manager’s role would be to look after projects and would differ from that of a Managing Directors’ role; similar could be of junior managers.

Each improvement in the designation remains a reflection of your self-worth and assessment, an essential trait for self-growth and staying an effective manager irrespective of whatever one aims to handle.

Ask for Feedback

Always ask for quarterly feedback on your performance from the higher up or the manager for a proper self-appraisal; the manager’s job.

A manager needs to answer questions like:

  • your reaction to stressful situations
  • can you deliver
  • do you have the ability to lead a group

ability to lead a group

The Bottom Line

Of course, there are management degrees that can be obtained by studying in ace universities. The degrees provide opportunities and space to learn and adapt policies that make up the theoretical side of management. These studies also help implement changes in the organization and become a management assignment help expert for all those working alongside at different positions, senior or junior.

Managers constantly need to organize, plan teamwork with excellent communication skills and oversee the several company projects existing together. All this promotes leadership skills and the ability to make reliable decisions that can eventually cause the company to succeed. To be a Manager is not always easy, as several blocks have to be overcome each time.