Why is Kindergarten Education the Best Gift for Your Child?


Parenting does not come with a manual. Instead, we learn as the child progresses. It is natural to face some challenges along the way. Today we cover one such challenging question that some of us may have on our mind – “Is Kindergarten necessary for my child”?

Let’s dig into the answer.

Why Should You Put Your Kid in Kindergarten?

The traditional method of home learning has become outdated, thanks to innovative technologies and progressive thinking. Even the leading educationist swears by the radical transformation of the education world. Its impact is felt right from the formative years of the child’s academic life. This is exactly the reason why every kid should enroll in a kindergarten school.

Here are some compelling reasons to do so –


1. It Prepares Your Child for School

Sending your child in Kindergarten is far better than homeschooling, as it helps the child become future-prepared. The children gain pre-literacy and academic skills in a fun and innovative way. It catapults their knowledge and stimulates creativity among them. The pre-schools are equipped with the best infrastructure and outstanding amenities, thereby providing children unlimited possibilities to grow emotionally and intellectually. 

2. Kindergarten Improves their Self-Confidence

Learning in a preschool environment improves your child’s confidence level and generates awareness about society. It creates elevated feelings of self-worth, cooperation, and respect, which further helps him shape his career. These schools emphasize fostering the love for books, reading, and writing.

3. It Opens a Gateway of Opportunities

Investing in kindergarten education spruces up opportunities for children drastically. This way they can progress further to a reputed school. Many boards like CBSE require students to complete the KG years before they enroll in std. 1 of primary schools.

4. International Schools’ Kindergarten Promotes Cognitive Skills Among the Students

Unlike traditional schools, an international school’s kindergarten does not follow a rote education approach towards learning. They operate with a different philosophy. These schools give children interactive educational opportunities to explore the world around them. Short trips are organized where they can meet new people, discuss their problems and explore solutions. This experiential learning helps the child to learn by doing hands-on activities. 

5. It Hones their Conversational Skills

In a good international school like GIIS, the children are exposed to an environment where their conversational skills thrive and grow. Teachers help them brainstorm their minds so that they can start developing a love for language and reading.

For example, they ask them what their favorite outfit is and how often do they wear it? It will let them think about the topic, and gradually they start developing interest.

Since the child is still in a developmental stage, parents should leverage this benefit by enrolling them in an international school.

6. The Education Makes them Technologically Literate

As we are heading towards a new modern era, digital education has become a well-recognized teaching mode. Starting from Kindergarten to class 12, every one of us is witnessing this change. The curriculum is designed to promote digital literacy in the classroom. Apart from that, these schools craft various other methods to help them pace up their learning speed. 

Why Should You Enroll Your Kid in an International School?

1. Development of Life Skills at the International School

Apart from evoking intellectual skills, a good kindergarten should impart life skills to make the child responsible and independent. Considering that we live in an ever-changing global scenario, parents should prefer international schools to provide the student an edge.

2. International Schools Impart the Children with a Cutting-Edge Curriculum

The curriculum designed by such schools expands the knowledge horizon of the child and helps him to shape his life. The emphasis is not on teaching them basic language skills but rather imparting value-based education across the world. It will open their mindset and will help them to connect with culturally diverse people.


3. Their Class Students-to-Teacher Ratio is Low

When the teacher-student ratio is low, the teacher will be able to attend to children better. They are more likely to remain engaged academically, culturally, socially.  Hence, it is better to take admission to an international school.

4. Global Perspective 

The environment in an International school is multicultural. These schools celebrate different festivals with the same vigor, like Eid, Korean New Year, and Diwali. In this way, the student learns tolerance and respect for different religions from a young age.


These are some reasons why international pre-schools should be on your list. However, if you are still weighing your options or in a dilemma and want to know more about what these pre-schools can offer you can contact their admission experts.

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