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My teenage lifestyle hub is not rocket science as every teenager can easily relate. Teenage lifestyles can sometimes be complicated and that makes it difficult to understand them at times. Do you have knowledge, experience, or tips on how to effectively manage the teenage lifestyle or any related articles? We accept guest posts on our page and you can also write for us. The lifestyle of a teenager in the past is different from the present day. Before we dive into what teenager is all about we need to understand what teen living is. Teen living is a state in an individual in which young people learn about the definition of life as they transition from adolescence to adulthood.

During the transition from teenager to self-reliant adult, they grow mentally emotionally and physically. They also come face to face with challenges that mold them to how they live for the rest of their life. Growing up as a teenager there are a lot of expectations that are required of you. This includes an adjustment in lifestyles, incorporation of skills, taking care of yourself, positive social trait development, etc. More so, as a teenager, you need to attend school, build up relationships, interact with peers, make decisions that you will be responsible for, be able to communicate effectively, and be able to know right from wrong. The desire for independence increases as you grow from teenage to adulthood.

My Teenage Lifestyle Hub

In this article on my teenage lifestyle hub we are going to discuss teenage choices and responsibilities, what teenagers need, teenage time with family and meals, respecting their decisions.

My Teenage Lifestyle Hub Choices And Responsibilities

At a point in teenagers’ life, they expect to be given choices and responsibilities to make decisions on their own. Some parents in a bid to make peace with their teenagers may be tempted to give them the freedom to do things they want. Because at that stage most teenagers believe they are old enough to live their lives and make decisions. Other parents may not give their teenage children the freedom to take responsibility or make choices. For teenagers to be more effective in making a decision and taking responsibility the process should be gradual. Failure to allow them to learn how to make choices and take responsibility may lead to rebellion because that is part of what makes them a teenager. When responsibility is transferred to teenagers they rise to it as it helps them develop resilience.

What Teenagers Need

Love, encouragement, acceptance, nurture, attention, and support are part of what those going through adolescence need. But for teenagers, it will be a little different or additional need. There are times they want to do things contrary to their parent’s plan which will in most cases bring conflict or frustration. That doesn’t mean as a parent you should stop caring for them or do what is expected of you as a parent. As a parent, you should not just impose rules and regulations but you need to make them understand your concern and be ready to listen to them.

Time with family and meal

Though teenagers spend more time on phones and social media, they still want to wish to spend time with their families. Either eating out, watching Television together with family, eating together and so on.

These days families tend to lack family time together (especially eating a meal together). And this may be due to trying to meet up with family needs, or competing demands. Having a meal together goes a long way in a teen’s life. There can be a way around it. Like, opting for meals that can be easily cooked within a short period. One benefit of eating meals together is, it brings connection. And everybody feels appreciated and valued-and this is very important for teenagers.

Respecting their decisions

Teenagers feel they have the right to make choices at some point in their life. Though as a parent, we feel the other way because we feel they sometimes make wrong choices. Especially when making career choices. Teenagers tend to give in to peer pressure when it comes to making choices and this doesn’t go down with their parents.

Well, wisdom is needed in this case.

It is advisable to let them explain why they choose to do what they want to do, then wisely, we might make them see reasons to why it might not be the right decision.

One of you might need to come to a compromise and this might be hard on either party. But acknowledging their decision and understanding their point of view can get a long way.

How to live a happy and successful teenage life?

Strive for excellence in school

Education has always been of great help in society. Graduating with flying colors makes you a reputable person in the community.

Give back to the community

Giving back to the community by volunteering does not only improve your status in the community but also helps you emotionally. It prevents depression. There are different places in the community where you can be of help. Examples are animal shelters, helping to grow trees, etc.

Set goals in life

My lifestyle hub advises teenagers to set goals for their future like making future careers decisions based on their interests and strengths. Also, non-career goals like fundraising for the needy, knowing a sport you like, etc.

Make good friends

Make good friends, learn to create a circle that contributes to your life positively. It helps you to be successful in life and helps you to fulfill your dreams. There are different types of lifestyles, the one you live as a teenager determines your future.


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