Tips For Planning Instagram Feed To Create One For Your Brand

Instagram user liking his own photo on Instagram feed.

Still, the thing about your Instagram feed is to be followgood, If the thing on your business plate is to be clickgood and attention-grabbing. With presently over 1 billion active usershaving a curated Instagram feed is important to any type of brand and business. This is an essential part of your digital marketing and connecting with implicit guests.

Being an image-grounded social media platform, the key when it comes to your Instagram feed is aesthetics. Creating a united look for your brand that’s both pleasing to the eyes and looks clever enough to make a bystander curious is essential to keeping runner callers and eventually, encouraging them to follow your account.
This is why taking the time to plan a quality feed is a step you surely don’t want to skip.

Tips on Planning The Instagram Feed of Your Brand

Being the only social media platform where your runner’s posts are presented in an all too familiar grid or pipe format.

Your business Instagram feed needs redundant care in visually planning, not just how each post looks, but how they look together.
It can’t hurt to take that redundant step to impress your followershipright?

Steps In Planning Instagram Feed of Your Brand

1. Determine your brand’s Instagram aesthetic.
2. Picking your feed pattern.
3. Review how your plates look together.

Step 1: Determine Your Brand’s Instagram Feed Aesthetic

The first step in planning your Instagram feed is to determine what you want for your brand’s aesthetic. This could be lightmonochromic, minimalistic, or antique. There are actually a ton of options to choose from.

But whatever style it’s you do choosemake sure that it builds on and that it’s directly told by both the nature of your business and you’re being visual branding. Rather than creating an Instagram feed that’s its own reality. In the spirit of the visual branding, here is a tutorial on how to do it.

To ProduceVisual Branding Companion For Your Business

Remember that uniformity and thickness in your plates are veritably important. In keeping that familiarity your followership has with your brand’s social media presence.

As a sample for this planning Instagram feed tutorial, let’s use our mock brand Koffee Kat and pick its aesthetic. It’s a business that primarily sells coffee sapso for its aesthetics, let’s say we want to go with monochromic but with a twist.

The backgrounds of prints will be black and white, but subject images, as well as ingrained rudiments, will keep their color. Once you’ve picked your feed’s aesthetic, you’re ready to do the coming step in planning an Instagram feed.

Step 2: Picking Your Feed Pattern

The factual pattern you pick isn’t as important as how you acclimate it to play with the personality of your brand stylish. So really, there’s no wrong answer then, and just pick the one you like the most for your feed.

There are tons of different types of Instagram grid patterns to choose from, some of the further popular bones include

  • Checkered
  • Set of 3s or 6s
  • Mystification or connecting images

Once You PickPattern

You can also start designing your plates. Make sure they’re acclimatized to their specific visual places in your feed pattern. Your posts can include product features, life shots, quotations, and reviews among others.

This is where you can explore your creativity in creating. Put your plates together to form your named feed pattern. When you’re planning out your feed posts, you’re better off making a set for the week or the month rather than by the day.

That’s because doing so will give you time to review how your feed plates look together. Acclimate anything that could have broken your feed pattern.

Let’s say for Koffee Kat, we want to use checkered.

Once we have a good number of plates with their separate captions also ready. We can review how they look together before publishing.

Step 3: Review How Your Plates Look Together

For the last step in planning an Instagram feed, we explosively recommend using Canva. Go to the Canva website or app and type in “Instagram feed” on their hunt bar. You’ll also see multiple mockup templates to which you can upload your planned posts.

And also, you can now review how they look together and make adaptations if demanded. So we’ve loaded plates we’ve made for our mock brand Koffee Kat in a checkered pattern.

With life images and product shots being the darker images and quotations and infographics being the lighter bones.

So now we’re happy with how it looks!

An added perk to previewing how your feed pattern looks this way is if you’re publishing Instagram Reels to your IG feed.

You’ll know exactly what it looks like as a square pipe by dragging them into one of the places then.

That way, you’ll be suitable to check if any corridors of it are cropped out and acclimate it consequently.

When it comes to curating your Instagram feed, it’s not only important that you plan your posts and pattern out, but it’s also important to keep the thickness.

Still, it’ll stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the visual impact of your Instagram feed, If you publish anything last nanosecond and off-brand.