Get That Perfect Look With The Best Keratin Hair Extensions

keratin hair extensions

Many women like that lustrous, voluminous feel that keratin hair extensions bring. It is the latest hair extension rave in town for those that want a different look. What some people don’t know is that Keratin is not a new hair product. It has been in existence, and many women, including famous personalities, wear it.

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Before we delve deep into the mystery of fixing Keratin hair, let’s explain what this product is about.

Basic Intro To Keratin Hair Extensions

We asked two industry experts well versed in hair extensions, about the advantages, and disadvantages of extensions. The experts defined Keratin as pieces of hair that can be fixed to natural hair with mini beads. Keratin is processed real hair from real people. This hair is then chemically altered with color during the processing stage. Major hair processing firms are known to process keratin hair for ages for their customers.

How To Fix One?

The hair stylist will place each piece of keratin hair on rows of the customer’s real hair. Then the stylist will cover the extension with the customer’s real hair. It doesn’t matter the type of hairstyle the customer has, the style can fix the extension under any style. People who look closely at the customer’s head won’t suspect that she has artificial extensions underneath once the stylist is done.

However, the type of artificial hair a hairstylist uses depends on each customer’s hair type. Each customer’s hair has its own unique features. Therefore, some customers get their extensions done within 24 hours. While others have to go days before they’ll actually get the hair fixed. This is to leave room for the stylist to get the appropriate hair extensions needed for the customers.

How To Take Care of Keratin Extensions?

If you constantly use artificial hair, you must be able to recognize the different hair extensions that are out there. But keratin is different because it’s an original extension that is not temporary. You can find other semi-permanent extensions, but they cause damage to different hair types and stop their growth. Hence, lots of ladies prefer keratin products to make them stand out.

Keratin is not much different from other artificial hair. For instance, it’s normal to dry your hair that is attached with keratin underneath. Moreover, it is possible to use hair straighteners, heaters, and curlers on your hair. Take note, don’t entangle keratin extensions nor comb roughly when brushing it. Gently comb with an extension brush made for this purpose.

Requirements For An Extension

Anybody can fix keratin underneath their hair. However, most stylists prefer people with a certain hair length. Your stylist will give you a style that fits your hair type. The stylist will also tell you how to treat the hair. She may recommend a keratin complex treatment, or a simple one, it all depends on what you need.

Why Keratin Hair Extensions?

Keratin causes less damage, unlike other extension products. Their maintenance is easy and cheap when compared to other products. The fascinating thing is, that they enhance your natural beauty when you fix them right on your head. Attaching the extension to your hair gives your hair that lustrous, voluminous look, and lengthens the hair.

Even damaged hair is no exception as keratin can change it into a beautiful one. It’s no wonder women buy and use keratin to give their confidence a boost. Schedule a visit to a licensed salon today and give keratin a try if you want.

Reasons Why Keratin May Be A Bad Hair Choice

It is extremely rare for keratin extensions to cause hair damage, but not impossible. A study was done where some ladies left keratin extensions on their heads for so long. Their hair got damaged beyond belief when they removed the extensions. Hair experts attributed the damage to a lack of airflow to the ladies’ real hairs. They further said that it was likely the women let their scalp rest. Moreover, the ladies never allowed their real hair to grow because they took too long to detach the hair extensions.

Hair experts warn women to detach keratin extensions after twenty weeks or less. In addition, they advised women to always maintain keratin hair extensions after fixing them. Anything more than that may likely cause hair breakage. According to the experts, women should use lightweight styling products to treat keratin hair like keratin oil. Similarly, stylists warn women to steer clear of sulfate hair cream. Otherwise, the damages could be permanent due to a condition called tension alopecia. It is a hair condition that occurs when natural hair falls because of excessive use of artificial hair. When you constantly attach artificial hair without allowing your scalp to rest, it causes hair tension. The reason is that your stylist will constantly fix the artificial hair to your scalp every time you go for an extension.


Finally, it is a must to properly care for both your real hair and any artificial hair you fixed. Never neglect one for the other if you wish to have healthy hair.

Attaching keratin hair on for a long time without any proper care can loosen the artificial hair. When artificial hair is loose, the hair begins to fall. When this happens, it might be difficult to use the hair later on. Visit any professional salon immediately if you notice keratin hair extensions fall or loose ends.

A note of warning though, do not try to detach keratin extensions by yourself. The consequences of doing such might be long-term. Visit a licensed salon to detach the artificial hair from your hair. The salon will have specialized tools and methods for keratin hair removal.

We accept hair extension articles from guest writers, so please write for us.