Technical Analysis of Reliability, Durability And Repairability of Smartphone

durability of smartphone

Smartphones or electronic devices help us in a day to day life. It is always about having one companion which we have daily for our guidance. Anything related to work or any other activities relating to personal instances will also be helped with this device. However, as we see that it is a new day there is a new mobile phone on the market, technologies involved. But for how long can you use a single smartphone? Can you be using it for years and years without any cycles coming your way?

Technical Analysis of Smartphone

Aging of smartphone

Just like any other product, even your mobile phone is having an expiration date that is not decided. The expiration date of each handset is different. It completely depends upon the usage and also the maintenance. Users might make several ways to save their mobile phone and shift the work to a laptop or a computer.

However, some people only prefer a handy workplace that might be on their smartphones. All of these instances will contribute to the aging of the smartphone. The maintenance not only includes the mobile repair service of the device. It also is the routine of how you charge your mobile phone or maintenance hygiene. It is about how you deal with minor or even major damages that your mobile phone faces.

Environmental Concern

Environmental concern is increasing day by day as it is contributing to e-waste. The cell phones in the market are undoubtedly providing great expansion of technology. But we also need to keep in mind that they are contributing to hazardous waste which sits in the environment. All of our devices are made from harmful materials which will sit in the environment if not managed properly.

Many companies have started to contribute to this issue. They started to create such cell phones that will not have the environment and can be called environment friendly. However, they are not fully disposable but can be managed properly. E-waste or electronic waste is regulated and produced in tonnes all around the globe. There are many ways that we need to learn and know about to save the environment from this waste. Future directions can be affected if we do not take action today to get over it.


The durability of a mobile phone is equal to its aging of it. However, as we have mentioned before that the lifespan of a mobile phone also depends on the repair ability and the maintenance that you have given it. Every cell phone in the market will require some or other maintenance within a few months. If you have maintained it in a proper pattern, you might still need some maintenance after a few years of using it.

That is why there are warranties and also insurance available in the market. This will help you to claim back some repair costs and help you with the maintenance of the smartphone. However, the repair ability also depends on how damaged your mobile phone is. If a mobile phone is too old or outdated, the repair ability can be doubted. If it is the latest one and still showing some problems then there might be solutions to fix it. All you need to have is the right guidance and take your action at the right time.

When Can You Switch?

you might be thinking when can you figure out the right time to switch from one handset to another? Yes, you can do that whenever you want or like any other mobile from the market. However, to be an alert human being towards the environment, you can follow some steps. You could sell your old phone online or donate it. Why do you look to buy another device you can go towards the used phone or refurbished mobile phone category.

These simple steps contribute a larger part to saving and preserving the environment. Explore and technology is not bad but only when you can maintain the balance between the two.

Smart Ways To Switch Your Device

  • Buy Secondhand

There is a huge category of secondhand devices. You can simply buy and sell used mobile phones and on a significant amount against it. Used mobile phones are also available for affordable pricing so that you can invest in them rather than buying a brand-new mobile phone. All you get is the same features and yet you can save up on your budget.

  • Refurbished Category

Not a lot of people knew about the refurbished category in the market. There are over smartphones available which will give you the feel of the same new smartphone. We have smartphones I use only for a few days by three years owner and returned to the source. This return might be because of minor defects or a change of mind of the user. The refurbished category mobile will always come along with original packaging, regional invoice, and valid warranty status.