Women Love In Floral Design Clothing And Its Significance


As a woman, if you don’t have at least one floral print clothing, your wardrobe isn’t complete. Floral designs have become a must-have for every female. In fact, women have always been described as flower bloom and they have been identified with this freshness, beauty, and warmth over the years. Floral designs- a design that defies time, trends, and perspectives. Whether it’s a street store or luxury label, floral design clothing is found everywhere taking a royal seat in every brand collection. And the thing is they come in different patterns and cuts and the fabrics are very versatile. What’s not to love about florals? Cute, gorgeous on all women of different shapes and sizes, versatile, and very graceful. Here, we share why love in floral design is here to stay! 

Women Love In Floral Design Dresses Is Not Today

Love in floral designs has been around for centuries. Few women across ages couldn’t resist the beauty of flowers and all that it entails. It has always been a thing of beauty and women irrespective of their age, background or origin are always enthralled by it. Little wonder how these beauties have found their ways into the fabric fashion world and are rocking it in full swing. 

Floral prints have dated arguably as long as fashion itself. Walk by any museum and you will find old portraits of women and men draped in high-end floral clothes. This is why it might be difficult to trace back the origin of floral designs.

However, many experts believe floral prints originated from Asia and then traveled to Europe and other parts through trading. Asians then, beautifully hand-printed flowers on silk clothes and sell them at high-end prices. As a result of this, only the rich could afford the prices and it’s commonly worn by them. Flowers have always had a huge significance in Asian culture. Hence, their designs are not only for aesthetic purposes but they carry certain meanings and symbols. 

Peonies, lotus, and carnations are some of the favorite designs in China. However, The peonies reigned supreme among them all and they were dubbed the ‘king of flowers in China. They represent honor and wealth and are printed delicately on clothes for vibrancy and beauty.

Over the course of the years, floral prints started to gain more recognition but only among the rich. Not until recently, it begin to gain global recognition, weaving its way into western fashion and globally. It’s safe to say that it’s here to stay!

Why Floral Designs Are Every Woman’s Favorites

Wonder why love in floral design has become a staple in every wardrobe? Here are the major reasons:

1. Can Be Dressed For Any Occasion

Floral prints are one of the last versatile designs that can be worn for any occasion. Got a date, a friend’s wedding, a beachy afternoon? Floral has got you…always!

2. Comes In Different Varieties

The versatility again! Floral prints are one design that comes in multiple varieties. As the flowers are endless, so are floral print designs. They come in different lengths from short to mid to full length. The fabric can also be of different materials such as lace, cotton, denim, silk, and linen among others. 

3. Can Be Worn At All Times

If you think floral prints are only meant for summertime, think again. Many are rocking floral designs in winter weather with a jacket on top or over a sweater. It all depends on how well you have mastered layering. 

4. For The Love Of Nature

Wearing fall floral dresses is like making nature come alive and close to us. Being in nature always eases stress and improves one’s mood. Wearing one of these can also make us feel the outdoor beauty and the peace it brings. 

5. Show Off Your Femininity And Love In Floral Design

One interesting thing about floral designs is that they can be dressed up or dressed down. Whether it’s a classy office look, or a walk down in the park, floral designs can be sophisticated or playful at the same time. And while many believe these styles are only for the spring season, they can still be styled at any time of the year when pulled off correctly. The good thing is they come in different colors, patterns, designs, lengths, and sizes and can be rocked for different occasions. If yours is a fall floral dresses, or floral crop top.

Here Is How To Bring Out Your Feminine Goddess With Floral Designs 
  • Choose colors that flatter your complexion and body type. While a petite figure will do well with large to medium flowery prints, they might be off for a more curvy body type as they tend to add more pounds to the silhouette. Rather, small prints will sit well for a more shapely body type. 
  • Colorful vibrant colors printed on a white or black background will never go out of style. However, while black ground can give you a more tapered, classy look, white tends to be more girlie and cute. 
  • What you pair with the floral dress or skirt is vital to your overall look. You can decide to play safe and pair it with neutral colors such as black, white, beige, or nudes. Decided to bring your fashion game on? Play around with different patterns for instance, by accessorizing with polka dots or stripes. 
  • The shoe you wear can either make or mar the overall look. Matching a floral dress with floral heels is a no-no. Instead, opt for the Cooler shade of the dress or neutral sandals and shoes. You can never go wrong with black.
  • Accessories should be kept simple and delicate. Your floral clothes are already loud enough. 

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