Your Handy Guide on Facebook Reporting Tools

facebook reporting tools

A perfect strategy in Social Media Marketing is the one that involves examining and grasping the metrics of the most powerful social media network called Facebook. To increase your chances of winning here, your reporting system has a crucial role to play. You always need reporting to determine your next marketing strategy. Fortunately, there exist several tools allowing you to generate reports quickly and easily. The demand for these tools is rising as social media marketing services are increasing. In this article, I will tell you about six best Facebook reporting tools that can help you get better insights from your stories and advertisements. 

6 Facebook Reporting Tools You Should Know 

1. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is one of the best reporting tools available for Facebook. The template Whatagraph offers is quite easy to understand and use. You can connect your clients and team members with your marketing strategy by transferring reports every week or a month. From Whatagraph, you can get demographics from gender, age, locations, hobbies, etc. Also, you can determine how the number of likes on your page gets affected by the sponsored content. Consequently, the comparison between sponsored and viral shares gets easier.

2. Simply Measured

This tool is quite accessible to some of the software from Microsoft. You can use Powerpoint and Excel to export the reports to clients and team members. Simply Measured offers you four types of analysis reports. Their names are Facebook Competitive Analysis Report, Facebook Fan Page Report, Facebook Insights Report, and Facebook Content Analysis Report. All four of them are crucial for you to boost your performance. 

3. LikeAlyzer

If you want to monitor and measure your performance without authorization through reports, you can go for LikeAlyzer. This tool allows you to analyze the Facebook pages of your competitors. LikeAlyzer has different data points from 1 to 100. It ranks your Facebook page based on certain factors and considerations. Moreover, you get hints and suggestions to improve your performance. Your comparison to millions of competitors gets easy by using LikeAlyzer. 

4. SocialBakers

SocialBakers is a platform where you can compare your Facebook profile with the other Facebook Profiles flooded on the internet. Because activities matter is social media platforms, it matches your activities on Facebook to that of the others. After getting done with it, SocialBakers generate a report in the PDF format. SocialBakers also gives you a choice to personalize your report. The report consists of the best engagement time, types of engagement, the average rate of response, demographics, fans growth, and summary of the best five engaging posts.

5. Sprout Special

This tool can offer several valuable information to you. You can monitor insights, listenings, performance reporting, fan growth, and other social media analytics. Sprout Special allows you to observe your content snapshot to understand the rate of your links, images, and shared videos. To get more deep insights into performance, this tool allows you to analyze total day to day page impressions. Also, you get the impressions according to the types of your posts. 

6. Free Facebook Page Insights Report

This analysis tool allows you to get deep insights for a two-week duration. You can cover about two million of your Facebook page fans in your analysis reporting. From Free Facebook Page Insights Report, you get valuable insights about your posts, user posts, user mentions, and page likes produced. Other than this, you get a deep analysis of your engagements, stories, and messaging. Always go for this tool if you mostly focus on your Facebook Page performance. 

How These Tools Can Help You Excel?

Without a single doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms where you can implement your social media marketing strategies. The tools I have described above can let you explore every dimension of your Facebook performance like posts, likes, comments, stories, messaging, and engagements. Some tools have a few services for free, while for others, you have to pay charges. Anyways, every marketing tool has its features that every marketer should consider as crucial. Focusing on Facebook can pay you off because the platform is performing at the top in the world of digital marketing. You can significantly boost your performance by including these tools in your strategies.


In this article, we have seen some of the top Facebook reporting tools. Getting reports becomes easy if we use one of these available tools. Nowadays, it gets crucial to monitor and measure every aspect of your Facebook marketing. Therefore, these tools are built to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts. Many beginners who are confused can approach agencies that offer social media marketing services in India. While having a sufficient budget, you can also hire a social media marketing agency. I am sure they will work on one or many of these tools to let you grow viral on Facebook and other social media platforms.