The Life of Jennifer Belle Saget, Daughter of Bob Saget

Jennifer Belle Saget A Look at the Life of Bob Saget Daughter

Jennifer Belle Saget is the daughter of the late Bob Saget, who was a famous standup comedian and Hollywood actor. Not only that, Bob was a host and an actor. Many people know of Bob Saget, but they don’t know much about Jennifer’s private life. This post will show you a glimpse of her private life. Like most celebrity kids, Jennifer is also a celebrity and well-known.

Who is Jennifer Belle Saget?

Jennifer is a popular lady in the media all thanks to her celebrity dad. Jennifer’s birthday is 18, Nov. 1992, in America to Sherri Kramer and Bob Saget. On more than one occasion, the media spotted Jennifer with her dad. They’ve been to many events together because of their close bond.

Jennifer went to a private high school in New York where she graduated from. Then she proceeded to get her undergraduate degree in New York. As you can see, Jennifer has a good educational background and made good use of every opportunity given to her. She is famous, has great skills, and is highly gifted. Additionally, everybody admires Jennifer for her high level of intelligence. Furthermore, Jennifer is tall and weighs around 162 kg.

Jennifer Saget Family

The Saget family members have a low-key lifestyle, despite being a famous family. They try as much as possible to do things on the low without much funfare. Hence, not many of their private details are exposed to the public. Jennifer’s parents raised Jennifer and her siblings properly and to be good people. She has two sisters namely, Lara and Aubrey, respectively. Jennifer and her sisters have their career goals, and they worked towards them.

Aubrey is the first child of her parents. She is currently 40 years old and works as an art curator and painter. She is followed by her younger sister called Lara who is currently 33 years old. Lara works as a professional yoga teacher. And the last one is Jennifer who loves art, science, and music. She is very close with her siblings and parents. As the youngest child, Jennifer was showered with love and care. When Jennifer was five, her parents divorced, but the divorce didn’t affect Jennifer. She and her sisters grew up to be fine young women under their parents’ tutelage.

Parents of Jennifer Saget

Bob Saget and Sherri Kramer gave birth to Jennifer Saget and her two sisters. Bob had acted in many movies and had featured in lots of stand-up comedies and shows. He is best remembered for playing a widowed fatherly character in a sitcom. Even though the show had low ratings and was discounted, Bob had already amassed many fans. Similarly, his role in a CBS Broadcasting sitcom also increased his popularity. He was not only popular, but he acted well too.

Bob was always vocal about how proud he was of his children. Bob was proud that Jennifer and her sisters are pretty, lovely, intelligent, and smart.

Other relatives of Jennifer include; her paternal grandfather and grandmother whom her dad took care of while alive. Then there was an aunt called Gay who died from an autoimmune disease in the ’90s at 44 years. Jennifer Saget was two at the time of her aunt’s death. Gay suffered before she died because her body’s immune system attacked her body and this affected her organs and skin. The disease is called scleroderma. Gay died from the disease and her death had a lot of impact on her brother, Bob Saget. After Gay passed away, Bob became a philanthropist and focused on the cause and treatment of scleroderma.

Her Net Worth

Nobody knows exactly how much Jennifer Belle Saget net worth is, but she is nevertheless gainfully employed and earns money. Moreover, her dad had amassed great wealth as a comedian. Bob is said to have a net worth of 100 million dollars. Definitely, his daughters will have a share of his wealth.

Bob Saget Marriages

Bob’s first marriage was to his high school sweetheart called Sherri Kramer. They got married in 1983 and divorced in 1997. The union produced three beautiful daughters, including Jennifer Saget. The erstwhile couple divorced for reasons best known to them. Fortunately, the divorce had little impact on their children. After he and Sherri divorced, Bob told the media that he didn’t think he could ever fall in love a second time. Maybe he was scared of failing the marriage institution the second time or afraid of getting hurt again. He only wanted to focus on his career and his kids. But then, fate had a different plan for him.

In 2017 on his social media page, Bob said that he was engaged in his caption. He was married for the second time to Kelly Rizzo. Bob was more than two decades older than Kelly. While married to Kelly, Bob and Kelly took care of his kids together. Bob met Kelly on a social media platform and formed a bond together which later led to their marriage. Kelly is an Instagram influencer with thousands of followers. When asked whether his children approved of his marriage to Kelly, Bob said that his daughters like Kelly. They follow Kelly on her Instagram page and are her fans.

Is Bob Saget Still Alive?

No, Bob passed away in February 2022. A month before he died, he had fainted while inside his room in Florida. He had a traumatic head injury which might have probably occurred as he fell, leading to his death. When the medical got to the scene, he had already passed away while unconscious. The medical team also announced that he had COVID-19. His family urged the doctors to keep the complete autopsy report from the public as they deal with their grief. Bob is survived by his wife Kelly and children, including Jennifer.


Indeed, the past few months haven’t been easy on Jennifer and her family following the death of Bob Saget. However, Jennifer Belle Saget and the entire Saget family have proved to be resilient and strong. They are a close-knit family and will come out stronger after this sad incident. Lastly, many people hope that Jennifer and her siblings will continue the legacy their father left behind.

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