Things To Know About Before The Wall-mounted TV Stand Installation?

must know things about wall-mounted tv stand

Tired of the dust accumulating behind your TV stand? Thoroughly cleaning the ton of wires lying behind one by one has become unbearable. Worse, are you tired of getting on all fours to find the video game you want to play or the DVD you particularly like? It’s time to opt for a wall-mounted TV stand! Let’s take a look at what is hidden behind this functional and minimalist living room furniture.

Where To Fix The Wall-mounted TV Stand?

First, you will need to know the nature and composition of your wall. Is it concrete, brick, or placo? Is it a load-bearing wall? Next, you will need to determine the weight of your hanging TV stand with all the appliances and items you plan to put on it. A television, hi-fi equipment such as a home cinema, one or more consoles, and a DVD player can quickly weigh in the balance. We don’t always think about it, but an average size LED TV weighs around 15 kg. If you are a cinema fan and have kept a plasma screen, it can weigh between 20 and 50 kg depending on its dimensions.

Once this analysis is complete, you can decide whether or not you can install a wall-mounted TV stand in your living room. Your wall is placo on unreinforced rail and you hesitate, you fear tearing? Read on, you will find some tips that will help you make your decision.

At What Height Should The Wall Unit Be Placed?

The average height of a TV cabinet is 45 cm from the ground. Do you want tailor-made? Sit comfortably on your sofa and imagine your TV, you must have the upper third of the screen at eye level, without having to raise your head or lean forward. Aesthetically, you don’t like it, do you find your furniture too high? To hell with standards, use a TV stand! Browse models right now at Homary. You can fix your living room furniture at the height you want while having your screen in the ideal place. And this is also the first tip for people whose wall is made of placo, you have just relieved your furniture of a few superfluous kilos. It gets interesting.

How to fix it?

To fix your furniture, you will need:

  • A drill with a drill bit to be selected according to the type of wall and the diameter of the dowels
  • One level
  • A rubber mallet for the grid dowels
  • Expansion pliers for the Molly-type dowels
  • A screwdriver

You will need to select the correct dowels, they are what will support your TV cabinet. For solid walls and furniture up to 20 kg, use classic grid dowels. Between 20 and 50 kg, opt for finned grid pegs. For 50 kg and more, prefer anchoring pegs. For hollow walls, you will need metal expansion anchors, also called Molly anchors. You will also have to take an interest in their diameter, always according to the weight. But don’t worry, you will find all the necessary information on the packaging of the pegs. Mark the places you will drill making sure they are level and attack the operation.

The second tip for simple plasterboard walls, the weight of your wall-mounted TV stand will be distributed according to the number of anchor points. Up to 30 kg, you will need to provide a peg every 40 cm maximum. If the load exceeds 30 kg, you can always add invisible brackets as wall support. You will fix them to the wall and they will be placed under your furniture as reinforcement, but this remains risky. By choosing this option, you undertake never to lean on it and not to put an object that is too heavy in front. You decide!

What Are The Advantages of The Wall-mounted TV Stand?

A sleek contemporary style with Scandinavian accents, the wall-mounted TV stand will bring a touch of modernity to your living room. Freeing up floor space, you’ll feel like you have more space in your room. Its storage, niches, drawers, or doors, and its shelf function, will allow you to find a place for each device. Choose according to your tastes among the different materials and the different existing colours, in solid wood with oak finish, white lacquer, or even blue MDF. Let yourself be seduced by its practicality! Finished pushing this big piece of furniture while vacuuming, soaring the cross-legged position to rummage through the drawers. Your back will thank you.