Joe Santagato – Must Know Things About The Comedian Life

joe santagato an amazing comedian

Joseph Patrick “Joe” Santagato is a comedian, entertainer, and YouTube celebrity. He rose to fame on the video-sharing website after posting vlogs, comedic content, and a comedy video series. After that, he started working on more than just his own YouTube channel’s worth of comedic videos by teaming up with other channels. His podcast, “The Basement Yard,” has hit the number one spot on iTunes.

Joe Santagato – Let’s Take A Look At His Life

Birth & Early Years

Joe Santagato was born on February 25, 1992, in the United States and was raised in Queens, New York. He has Italian and Irish heritage from both his parents sides. His father Joseph was a firefighter for the New York City Fire Department and his mother Elizabeth worked as a secretary in a public school. Thomas, Keith, and Shannon are his three older siblings. Thomas is an ex-member of Team USA and a national skeleton champion. Keith had a gaming-focused YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers from 2015 to 2017.

Santagato attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, Louis Armstrong Middle School, and St. Francis Preparatory School where he played on the football team that won the state championship though he didn’t get much playing time. He was also skilled at basketball. Afterward, Santagato enrolled at Queensborough Community College but left to focus on building his YouTube channel while working as a pizza delivery boy and waiter.


In 2010, a buddy recommended he start posting videos to YouTube; at the time, he was working as a producer and editor for the online news website Elite Daily. His original channel was called SantagatoTV, but he changed it to Joe Santagato Channel in 2014 when he decided to devote himself full-time to YouTube. He then began diversifying his programming by launching more channels devoted to specific topics. He was highlighted on Narratively, another online site, three years after he first launched his YouTube channel.

Joe Santagato Rise To fame On YouTube

Steve Santagato is a prominent YouTube figure with several channels, such as Extra Joe and Veterans Minimum. On Extra Joe, he used to upload daily vlogs but he stopped six years ago and the channel has been redundant since; on Veterans Minimum, he covers sports. He also hosts podcasts through The Basement Yard channel, which features fellow YouTubers Danny LoPriore, Anthony Davino, and Frank Alvarez. In addition, Santagato has appeared as a guest on his brother’s channel, Keith Santagato.

Joe formerly worked for the YouTube channel SDK, also known as Settle Down Kids, which included a large cast of other comedic YouTubers. He served as the host of Dwayne Johnson’s “Rock the Promo” YouTube show in 2016, but he also frequently promotes products, especially Audible, a company he adores working with. He advertises his products and uses his business to sell them online. Moreover, Santagato has made a few cameos on the Door3 YouTube channel.

What Makes Joe Santagato So Special?

According to his mom, he was always super mature for his age, quiet, and independent. Plus, he was the most sensitive and loving of all his siblings. Nowadays though, he’s the loudest one around – cracking jokes and poking fun at everyone in his videos. Most of it is exaggerated characters based on traits found in certain groups of people.


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Growing up in diverse Queens probably helped him get good at studying people and their ways – a skill that comes in handy for his comedy. Also living around different cultures probably made him less judgmental and more accepting – as you can see when he stands up for those getting bullied or discriminated against. And even though Joe often sounds Hispanic when making impressions of girls, it’s not ’cause he’s racist – it’s just that he knows more Latinos from his circles.

Joe Santagato: Creator and Promoter of Fun Board Games

Joe Santagato has made a name for himself in the board game industry. He is credited as one of the key people who brought about the Hasbro Speak Out board game back in 2016. To help promote it, Joe joined forces with Hasbro and created several YouTube videos as well as promoted it through various social media platforms. His immense success even led to Hasbro releasing a special edition of Speak Out that featured more explicit content called ‘The Joe Santagato Edition’.

His fame also spread beyond just this game, with celebrities playing his board game on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! He is further popularising another exciting board game called Hearing Things where one player must try and recite phrases based on lip movement while wearing headphones!

It is certainly no surprise that Joe’s involvement in these fun family-friendly games has earned him widespread recognition and admiration across the world!

Personal Life

Since 2015, Santagato has been dating Samantha “Sammy” Rickey, a former Instagram model. He is close with his siblings, who frequently feature as guests in his videos and podcasts. His parents have also appeared in some of his videos. He was brought up as a Roman Catholic and regularly went to Mass as a youngster, but not as frequently as he does now.

Joe Santagato’s Wealth – Net Worth $300,000 In 2022

Joe Santagato is an immensely popular YouTube video content creator who has garnered millions of followers with his witty and hilarious videos. With his channel “Joe Santagato” reaching 2.4 million subscribers, it’s no wonder that Joe has been able to amass considerable wealth. According to Celebworth, Joe Santagato’s net worth stands at a respectable 2.5 million USD.

Final Words

By successfully leveraging his passion for making people laugh and expanding his outreach through various other forms of media as well, the comedic talent continues to grow in fame and financial success each year. Chances are for the foreseeable future we can expect even more entertaining content from Mr.Santagato!