Make money with YouTube: 5 Ways to Make Money Online

Make money online with youtube
You can make money with YouTube by doing any of the following. If you have YouTube accounts, you know that they do not pay much, if anything at all.
It’s time to fix that.
Nowadays, anyone can set up a channel on YouTube and make money with it. In fact, it is an incredibly powerful way to make money online. If you have some talent or skill, why not use your video to earn money? No doubt there are many people out there who have videos they would like to share but are slow and/or not very good at making them.
You can use your talent and skills to create videos that will earn you money. Create funny videos about popular topics (like kittens). Sell your product with an audience in mind (like a car wash). Create fun music videos (like anything from the 90’s). And so on.
The possibilities are endless!

Creating And Selling Products

If you want to make money with YouTube, you’ve got a few options:
  1. Promote your own channel
  2. Host other people’s videos
  3. Attach someone else’s video to yours (a “transcriber”)
Your choice depends on what kind of videos you want to make. If you want to sell products, buying ads on your channel works best. If you just want to post funny cat videos, there are other options. But for a huge majority of people, YouTube is the perfect place for making money.
The key is that it can be as simple or complex as you want it. You can spend hours learning about how to do everything manually or picking up an inexpensive camera and just creating videos with ease. You can also try outsourcing it and hiring someone from the video production world. Whatever your plan, YouTube offers a lot of opportunities for making money based on what type of content you have created.
The most popular channels are:
  1. Sports
  2. Comedy/Music Videos
  3. Leisure/Entertainment Videos (like “This Old Cat” or “Cat Nap”)
  4. Travel/Adventure Videos (like “The Best Cat Walks in History”)
But there are many more! You have a choice which one takes off the most and lets you focus on that: if all you do is talk and nothing else, then sports would work best; if all you do is make funny cat videos, then comedy/music videos would work best; etc.
In any case, if your goal is just getting some extra cash. Then YouTube will let you avoid a lot of work by using something like autoposting. Just send out an email every few days with any new video and it will go into your account automatically without any effort from you!
In fact, many channels offer their subscribers the ability to create videos without having to upload them themselves at all. This usually comes with special perks like higher-quality video editing tutorials etc. In addition, once your channel has been going for a while (sometimes months). It will build up a significant audience and trust in itself so that others will pay attention when new content is released!
This can be done through Facebook groups and other social media platforms. A popular way of doing this is through the platform called Vimeo. Where anyone can upload their own clips and get paid per view! If this sounds appealing but doesn’t quite fit within your time constraints (or if they don’t meet your standards).

Offering Services

A key skill of the photographer is to be able to transfer big files and images from one medium to another. It would be a major waste of time and money if a photographer couldn’t do this.
Digital photography has changed the way people take pictures, and although it’s still not as efficient as film, digital cameras are becoming more popular by the day. The problem with digital photography is that there are so many different ways to handle photos that it’s often confusing for users.
What’s the difference between RAW, JPEG, HDR, and SRAW? Is RAW more or less suitable than JPEG? Why will it look better in one photo but worse in another? Is there any need for HDR mode? This can sometimes lead to frustration and confusion among photographers who have no idea how they should handle their best shots.
If you have ever taken a photo on a DSLR camera. You might have noticed that when you take it, your camera shows you a square with some information written inside of it. This info is called metadata – short for “metadata”! This piece of data tells your camera what its sensor is doing right now. Which makes composing your photo much easier (and less frustrating).

For example:

Your camera may be taking 4 shots in 10 seconds (1 second each), or 2 pictures in 5 seconds (1 second each).

Metadata tells your camera what type of image you want – still image or video or both – and how many frames you want each shot to process before bringing them all together into one frame. It also tells your camera where on the film strip you want to start – top left or bottom right? You can then choose which way of taking photos you like best using this information. You can also change the metadata with each shot (e.g., switch from color mode to monochrome), but this isn’t required (you can always change it later).

The metadata inside a photo is important because your camera can use this information when processing what was shot on the sensor. When processing images, your camera turns all these values into shades of gray based on these fields:
Brightness temperature white balance exposure time ISO sensitivity contrast sharpness color temperature histogram color gamut saturation color depth Saturation Crop/Margin 1×2 1×3 1×4 1×5 1×6 1×7 2×2 2×3 2×4 2×5 2×6 3×2.

Renting or Selling Space on Your Channel

This is a great post for anyone who wants to start monetizing their YouTube channel. Here are five tips for getting started:
  1. Get an account on YouTube with a large subscriber base and make sure you’re building your channel with high-quality videos. It’s important that you’re making compelling content, but don’t be afraid to experiment with slow-motion shots and slow-motion edits.
  2. When uploading videos, try to pick a theme or genre that will appeal to your audience and stick with it. If you have the money to pay for the rights, it’s worth it to invest in finding the right company that can help you make your videos more marketable so that they get seen by as many people as possible.
  3. If you want to make money from your videos; watch other people’s videos before attempting them yourself (you’ll learn from their mistakes). A lot of people think that by putting up a video they will automatically start making money, but that’s not always true; there are more ways to make money online than just selling physical products (if you want a full list of them, check this out ).
  4. Don’t just upload what someone else has done; try uploading your own work too! You can find tutorials on how to cut scenes in multiple languages or create animated GIFs in Photoshop without spending a lot of time learning how it works (though if you are really dedicated then there are some really helpful resources out there).
  5. Our favorite way to promote our content on YouTube is through the partners we have worked with – we lead the charge in this area because we want people to see what we’ve done and know what will work for them too!
  6. We also promote our content regularly through collaborations with other brands or companies (we may feature an ad in one of their videos as well). So if you’re interested in collaborating please reach out! If you have any questions about setting up an account on the site. Please feel free to ask us 🙂 Or if you’d like any help getting started.

Generating Revenue Through YouTube Ads

When you’re a successful entrepreneur and growing your business; you’ll probably find yourself in the position of having to make a significant amount of money from YouTube. And since YouTube is the best platform for the distribution of your own content, it can be a challenge for you to figure out. Whether this is really the right way to make money online.
Consequently, there is a lot of confusion about how exactly one could make money through YouTube ads. In fact, when we first talked about this topic on our podcast; there were still lots of people who missed the mark completely.
The good news is that now with our new and improved blog post series on making money on YouTube (which includes links to these articles). You should be able to figure things out and get started with your own ad campaigns.


There are many ways to make money with YouTube, so find the method that best suits your talents and interests!
There are hundreds of ways to make money with YouTube. It is hard to know what’s right for you; so we suggest you do some research and go with the method that suits your skills and interests best.
But perhaps the most important part of making money online is:
1) Having a plan for how to make money online that actually works.
2) Don’t focus on the wrong things.
3) Don’t blame yourself when things don’t work.
4) Read up on topics you want to learn about before you start trying them all!