Red Death – All You Need To Know About DC Comics Super Villain

red death dc comics supervillain

Red Death is a supervillain character from DC Comics, who first appeared in the Dark Nights: Metal series. He is a twisted version of Batman from Earth-52 who fused with the Flash to gain speed powers, resulting in a corrupt connection to the Speed Force. This character has gained immense popularity among fans due to his unique abilities and ruthless tactics.

Red Death Origin

The origin of the Red Death in DC Comics can be traced back to the Batman of Earth-52, who once fought crime with the help of his Robins, who were his sidekicks. However, as time went on, many different Robins lost their lives during various missions with the Caped Crusader, which drove him mad and caused him to adopt more extreme methods of crime fighting.

When Earth-52 was on the verge of destruction, Batman decided to take extreme measures to save his world. He used weapons he obtained from the Rogues (Captain Cold’s freeze ray, Heat Wave’s heat gun, Mirror Master’s mirror gun, and Weather Wizard’s wand) to fight the Flash from his universe, who had refused to give him the Speed Force powers. After knocking Flash out, Batman then chained him to the hood of the Batmobile (which he had modified using the designs of the Cosmic Treadmill) and drove him and Flash into the Speed Force.

As a result of this experiment, Batman and Flash were forcibly fused into one being, with Bruce gaining Flash’s powers and a corrupt connection to the Speed Force. At the same time, Barry’s consciousness became trapped inside Bruce’s body. With his new abilities, Batman quickly murdered his own rogue’s gallery, despite Barry’s pleas to tell him to stop. However, Batman realized he was still too late to save his world from destruction.

The Red Death – Cosmic Engine of Destruction

red death supervillain in dc comics

Bruce was then visited by The Batman Who Laughs, who told him that he can still save his world by joining Barbatos’ Dark Knights and aiding the deity in conquering a Multiverse above their own. Batman accepted his counterpart’s offer and became known among the group as The Red Death. He was described as a “cosmic engine of destruction,” capable of destroying entire worlds with his speed and ruthlessness.

During the Justice League’s search for Nth Metal (that could be used to defeat the Dark Knights), The Flash was trapped inside Red Death’s Batcave, which was specifically designed to counter the hero’s speed and housed Flashmobiles to further increase the risk of danger. Luckily, despite these precautions, Barry managed to escape with his life.

Red Death later infected Central City with a Speed Force Storm that gave him the ability to accelerate aging in other people to the point of death. He attempted to use this ability on Barry Allen’s loved ones but was stopped by Barry as the Flash.

The Fall of the Red Death

Much later, during a plot to infect the House of Heroes with darkness, the Red Death became exposed to a large dose of positive energy, which affected his appearance and gave Barry Allen of Earth-52 control of Red Death’s body. Barry felt immediate regret for what Bruce used his powers to do and teamed up with Prime Earth’s Flash to fight against the Dark Knights.

However, The Batman Who Laughs revealed that the Dark Knights had already taken The Red Death’s betrayal into account, as he was the most likely to turn on them due to being only half Batman. Laughs then informed The Red Death that the positive energy, which caused his change, would also kill him, moments before the speedster exploded in bright light.

Other Media

The Red Death is set to appear in the ninth and final season of the 2014 TV series The Flash as one of the two main antagonists, alongside Bloodwork.

Red Death in “The Flash” Series

In the final season, the show introduces the villainous Red Death, who is unlike any other villain the team has faced before. Red Death is played by Javicia Leslie, who portrays a Batwoman with a dangerous obsession with her enemies’ technology and a deep hatred of her world’s Flash.

red death in the flash cw series final season

Brandon McKnight, who plays Team Flash tech expert Chester P. Runk, describes Red Death as a formidable foe, ranking her among the show’s top Big Bads. McKnight also hints at many twists and turns in the remaining episodes, including emotional and personal journeys for each character.

He reveals that Chester is maturing and growing in confidence, exploring the possibility of a relationship with Allegra, and facing new challenges with building tools for the team to use against the Big Bads.

“The Flash” Movie

barry allen - the flash dc comics movie

Scheduled for release in the near future, “The Flash” is a superhero movie centered around the eponymous character. Drawing inspiration from the 2011 “Flashpoint” story arc, the film promises to shake up DC Films’ continuity and introduce the concept of a shared Multiverse. Fans can also look forward to seeing both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck reprising their respective roles as Batman.


The Red Death is a fascinating character who embodies the dark and twisted side of Batman. He represents what could happen if the Caped Crusader were to lose control and become consumed by his own inner demons. The character’s origins are rooted in tragedy, as Batman’s desire to protect his loved ones ultimately leads to his downfall and transformation into a monstrous villain.

Red Death’s abilities are also unique, as he possesses the powers of The Flash while retaining his own skills and intelligence. This combination makes him an incredibly formidable opponent who is not easily defeated. Despite his evil deeds, there is still a sense of tragedy surrounding Red Death, as he was once a hero who succumbed to his own darkness.

Overall, The Red Death is a complex and intriguing character who adds a new layer to the Batman mythos. His appearance in various forms of media has allowed fans to explore different interpretations of the character and his motivations. Whether he is portrayed as a tragic figure or a remorseless villain, The Red Death remains an iconic character in the DC universe and one who will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.