Candy Ken: Success Story, Career, Net Worth, Wife, and Son!

candy ken the tiktok star

Candy Ken is a legendary Austrian-American rapper, influencer, and TikToker whose captivatingly funny videos took the internet by storm. His career began in 2014 when he boldly left college to pursue rap music, and his trailblazing style of dress and witty raps quickly drew attention on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

But it was his series of humorous short videos and parody-like music videos that really molded the one-of-a-kind persona we know today.

Candy Ken Biography

Candy Ken’s Career

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, better known as Candy Ken, made a daring leap of faith in 2014 when he left college to pursue his ambition of rapping. According to Out and MTV Germany, Jakob drew inspiration for his Candy Kane identity from Hello Kitty, Japanese Kawaii culture, and Barbie dolls.

candy ken the tiktok star, rapper, and influencer

His eccentric style and quirky rhymes quickly caught the attention of many, and soon enough he was making waves on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Ken released extended plays such as Welcome To Candyland, Candy Ken Paradise, and Send Nudes, which further propelled him onto a higher platform. In addition to his music, he also began posting funny short videos and various parody-like music videos that allowed him to craft a unique and insightful persona.

Fast forward to now, his career is largely based on TikTok’s audience as his account boasts over 16 million followers – all eagerly awaiting his daily posts of fun videos! His Instagram account has 546K followers.

On October 20, 2014, Jakob registered his own YouTube channel and began his journey as an online creator. He eventually rebranded it as The Unicorn Family, a creative space shared with his beloved wife JoStasy and their son Rodeo. Beyond TikTok, modeling, and music, this family of three has forged a unique bond through the world of YouTube.

Birth and Parents

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl – known by many as the TikToker Candy Ken – was born beneath the bright summer skies of Bregenz, Austria on the 27th day of July in 1992. A native of Bregenz, Austria, his childhood was spent nestled in the heart of central Europe. But as he grew, he sought out new horizons and embarked on a journey that would take him to Germany and then across the Atlantic to America. With ambition and determination, he forged a successful career in his adopted homeland.

candy ken childhood image with his mother

His childhood was spent within the same environs and now, in 2023, he is going to celebrate his 31st birthday soon. Throughout his life, Jakob has been blessed with a mother who has always lovingly supported him. His father, Mr. Hellrigl, a businessman by trade, saw to it that his son had all he had to pursue the vocation he chose.


Education was a transformative experience for the Welcome to Candy rapper. He was a star on the football field while attending Wenatchee High School in Washington, United States, but found his true passion in entertainment. Later, he ventured to Lette-Verein College in Berlin, Germany to pursue photography and film design. However, his journey of learning came to an end in 2014 when he decided to focus on making music instead of finishing his degree.

Popular Songs of Candy Kane

  • Vsco Disco (2019)
  • Balenciaga featuring Baby J (2020)
  • OK Boomer featuring Baby J (2020)
  • Paradise featuring Baby J (2020)

The Austrian artist stands tall, a beacon of creative and artistic beauty. Discovered in 2015 by Nicola Formichetti, the Diesel brand’s renowned creative designer and stylist, their fame soon spread across popular magazines such as VMAN, Korean Dazed, and Vogue Taiwan. Gliding along the fashion show runways with effortless grace, the artist has become a beacon for captivating the gaze of audiences all over.

Candy Ken’s Wife

Candy Ken and his beloved Joselyn Nick joined together in holy matrimony in September 2020, amid a dazzling celebration of gold. Known far and wide as Baby J, she is a TikTok sensation, collaborating with Candy Ken to create vibrant and whimsical content for their joint YouTube channel, The Unicorn Family. The union of these two stars is sure to be remembered for years to come!

candy ken with wife and son

Candy Ken’s Son

Candy Ken and Baby J joyfully announced their expected bundle of joy coming to them in September 2020 – and sure enough, come June 2021, they were blessed with a son: Rodeo. Little Rodeo has already established his own presence in the social media space, garnering over 50 thousand followers on his Instagram @lilblingbling1.

Candy Ken’s Gender-Bending Style

Candy Ken, the Austrian model, is recognized for his gender-bending style, which comprises both masculine and feminine elements. Despite this, Candy Ken is male and has not undergone any gender transition. Through his music, he shows his support for the LGBTQ community and features popular creations like Barbie, bodybuilding and abs, nail polish, Hello Kitty, pink Speedos, among others. His songs embody both feminine cuteness and masculine flexing, making him a unique personality in the entertainment industry.

Net Worth of Candy Ken

candy ken networth

As of 2023, Candy Ken has attained a net worth of $3 million, achieving the pinnacle of success. He has become a household name for his short videos on TikTok where he flaunts his riches and lifestyle.

He has also released a string of extended plays like Welcome to CandyLand, Candy Ken Paradise and Send Nudes that have been widely appreciated. Not to forget his studio albums such as Real Talk in the year 2016 and Flamingo in the year 2018 have received critical acclaim.


Candy Ken’s unique blend of masculinity and femininity has made him a distinct personality in the entertainment industry. While his gender-bending style has often sparked controversy, he remains a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community through his music. As his career continues to thrive, Candy Ken’s net worth has grown significantly, and he continues to make headlines with his bold fashion choices and catchy music. Despite his colorful and provocative image, Candy Ken has maintained a stable personal life, with a wife and son.