Living in Japan and Studying in a Japanese Kindergarten

japanese kindergarten

Japan is a country that presents a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles. This is seen in the main cities and in the countryside of the country. There is a unique mix of cultures residing together, and the quality of life here is significantly higher and better. Japanese kindergarten has good educational facilities and healthcare services available and the main cities like Tokyo and Osaka among others can boast about their convenience and cleanliness. 

If you are moving there to complete your education or kickstart your child’s education there are Indian public schools to choose from. These schools create the perfect environment to balance out the exposure to different cultures and help children learn and grow in a caring and nurturing environment.

If you’re an Indian ex-pat moving to Japan, there is a lot of importance given to planning your budget, expenditure, and housing before moving there as there is a price to pay. There are job opportunities available for everyone, but it all depends on how well-qualified and connected you are. As the number of Indian ex-pats keeps increasing, there are  Indian Public Schools to fulfill the demands of these parents and students and guide them to achieve their goals in the competitive world. Starting right at the foundation, Japanese kindergartens begin at age three and focus on enhancing a child’s physical, emotional and social development and providing them with a basic understanding of the world.

Why Choose an Indian Public School in Japan?

Other than fulfilling their role of being a ‘home away from home’ Indian public schools also have a curriculum that takes into account the education of the child at a global level. The curriculum that is often chosen is the CBSE curriculum that is followed in many schools in India. Hence, if one moves thereafter beginning their education, the transition is seamless and comfortable. 

Indian Public Schools also prepare students to get admissions into the best universities that will secure their future and help them achieve their dream job. This career security is desired by everyone and hence is often promoted as one of the USPs of extremely qualified Indian schools in Japan.

University and career decisions come a little later in life as children go through a complete rollercoaster as they travel through the different levels of school. Kindergarten is the very beginning of the journey. The purpose at this stage is to create a comfortable environment to learn and grow and prepare for the next stage of the academic journey.

Life at a Japanese Kindergarten

The purpose of every Japanese kindergarten is the same, that is to educate and help little children make their way around society. Japanese kindergartens for Indian students also take this a step further by curating a culture that is Indian so that they feel at home while providing them with all the knowledge they need to conquer the academic world. 

Students are taught about their culture through books and through participation in different cultural events. Students are brought up on a value system that upholds humility, honesty, and hard work while encouraging them to support and respect people from all walks of life.

The Curriculum at a Japanese Kindergarten

The curriculum at Japanese kindergartens is planned to include all the core subjects that a child needs along with developing other personal skills. The core subjects include languages like English, Japanese, and Hindi along with any other second language. Basic understanding of Mathematics and Environmental Awareness. Along with a special focus on literacy, fine motor skills, basic numeracy, visual arts, and sports. 

As Japanese is the official language of Japan, students are always benefitted, and starting early will help them grasp the language better. In Indian public schools, Hindi is also taught so that the students are aware of their own language and the culture it encompasses. The curriculum can be CBSE or Montessori or any other board but each of them has its own pros and cons.

Japanese Kindergarten Teachers

Teachers play a pivotal role in a child’s academic journey. They not only teach them all that they need to know about the subject but also help them in personality development and character development. The teachers are qualified and trained and hence you can trust the teacher with your child’s future. 

The teacher also establishes good communication with the parents so that they both can work in unison for the betterment of the child. Japanese kindergarten teachers in Indian Public schools work especially hard to create an inclusive and safe space for the students so that they can explore, experiment, and enjoy together.

Indian Public Schools & Private Schools in Tokyo

There are a number of Indian Public Schools and private schools in Japan to choose from. While the purpose of both is to impart education, the method adopted differs on the basis of the facilities provided and the infrastructure. Public schools are funded by the government and are hence an affordable choice. However, private schools have a lot more to offer. From infrastructure to class size there are more special opportunities and skills a child can access in private schools.

There are some popular Indian Private Schools in Japan that provide quality education.. All these schools are well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities.

Private schools provide high-quality education and opportunities for students to excel in different fields. There are scholarship opportunities for those looking to make development in the fields of Science and Technology and for those facing financial difficulties.

Private schools also are able to provide better facilities at the kindergarten stage and create a positive learning environment. Japanese kindergarten in private schools fulfills all the criteria mentioned above of providing a comfortable space, a holistic curriculum, and professional teachers who guide students every step of the way. 

A Holistic Education Curriculum

A reputed school offers a combination program of CBSE and GMP that puts together traditional Montessori school techniques along with modern teaching methods that provide an experience never seen before. Along with curricular and extracurricular activities, emphasis is also on value-added programs and this kind of holistic education curriculum enables children to improve all-around development.


These are some of the benefits you can access while securing quality education for your child at a private school in Tokyo. While moving to Japan, make sure you choose the right location based on your finances and the opportunities you’re looking for. Look for schools that are closer to your residence and that meet your needs and fit your requirements. Find a school that not only provides the best education but also the right kind of value system. Hope you find what you need in the Land of the Rising Sun.