How to pack your boxes during residential moving

packing boxes with tape

It is crucial to understand what tape to use when packing boxes. This allows you to take advantage of the strength of an adhesive that can seal a package that must cross entire neighborhoods, staircases, and hangovers to reach your new home.

You want to preserve the items you have chosen to keep, but not the contents.

The basic idea behind adhesive tape is, however, almost always the same. There is no need for one to be superior to the other.

This is at least what you believe in the beginning. You may discover these differences when you prepare the boxes for the move.

You also know that it is not wise to waste time during these phases. What can you do?

Some Tips to Help You Get Started With Boxes Packaging

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Adhesive Tape Made of Polypropylene

Large model in brown, or transparent. What type of tape should you use to package? This polypropylene product is usually used to join the wings on the American cardboard boxes and seal packages already filled with objects, foam rubber,r, and polystyrene chips.

The best products are long-lasting and can withstand humidity and mechanical stress.

Particular details are important for the most difficult jobs. It is recommended to purchase models with a width of  50 millimeters, and a thickness of  28 or 32 microns.

These are better. Some tapes, like those offered by 3M and Scotch have an adhesive that is stronger against aging and sudden temperature fluctuations.

American Gray Tape

You can choose to use a canvas and reinforced model if you are unable to seal the cardboard boxes with minimum effort. The classic American tape in gray is available to use by hand or without a machine. Each step is protected against moisture by the polyethylene coating.

This product is used in all sectors. It can be used to hermetically seal delicate packages due to its resistance under all conditions.

Heavy Packaging Tape

This is a specific model from a well-known company that also deals in useful packaging items. This tape is specifically suitable for heavy, durable packaging and extreme conditions. What’s it used for?

To ensure the safety of your parcel, it should be stored for a while in private storage. This is the best solution if you need to move a lot of boxes.

Packing Tape Made of PVC

The PVC adhesive packing tape is stronger than the polypropylene. It also has greater adhesive strength, so it’s better for fixing heavy boxes, joining them, and closing them.

PVC adhesive tape is more likely to be made from a solvent-type adhesive than polypropylene. This means that there are fewer options for choosing the type of adhesive. They can be found in different colors, just like polypropylene.

  • Advantages It is quieter and more durable than polypropylene. It is also elastic, meaning it can withstand heavy loads without breaking.
  • Drawbacks It is more expensive than polypropylene.

Strapping Tape

This type of strapping tape is named after its exceptional strength and resistance to breaking. It is composed of mono-oriented, orange polypropylene support. Because of its resistance to elongation and breakage, it is known as an adhesive strap.

The adhesive is made of synthetic rubber and resins. It does not leave any residue on the boxes or cause damage to them when it’s removed.

Adhesive Tape That Can Be Machined

You can speed up the process by using a tool that organizes boxes and packages with tape. These cases call for machinable adhesive tape.

This is a fast-setting, very resistant model that can also be used with the tape machine. Professional use is advised for these activities.

Kraft Paper Adhesive Tape

You have a good question. How do you recycle boxes after moving? Packaging made from paper and filled with tape is a problem that can’t be recycled with cellulose. Kraft paper packaging tape, which is strong and can be combined with the moving carton box, is used often.

This tape is not as strong as the plastic strips so it can be used for smaller packs. It is ideal for small items and light materials.

Colored Duct Tape

Colored adhesive tape is the way to go if you want to give cardboard boxes an unusual and striking appearance.

You can create highly distinctive packaging that is both memorable and talkable with them. It is an extremely durable polypropylene seal and it is also eco-friendly due to its water-based acrylic adhesive that is free from solvents and any other chemical additives.

What Type of Tape Should You Use for Packaging?

There is no best or worst product. It all depends on how you pack your items and how you plan to organize them. A professional company like Perfect Timing Moving can help you organize an impressive move. They are capable of advising and managing different situations.

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