Preppy Outfits Aesthetic Ideas For Men And Women


Preppy outfits are making their appearance again in 2022. It’s not surprising because the past few years have seen the rise of old fashion trends again and again. Styles from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s are currently making waves among fashion lovers, especially Gen Z. One of the current fashion trends, the preppy fashion look, is ideal for both men and women. This fashion originated from college students in America. It’s a timeless fashion aesthetic that makes one look polished and studious. Originally, many people attribute a preppy look to dorks, bookworms, and boring people. However, recent fashion trends have proved them wrong. Anybody can wear preppy outfits and look chic, fashionable, and polished.

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Things To Know About Preppy Outfits

The preppy aesthetic is a subcultural trend in America. It is a term used to stereotype students who go to prep or private schools. It is also used to classify those students who are elites or who come from wealthy families.

These students look smart, studious, and polished when they wear their preppy outfits.

So, when you put together a preppy outfit, you look crisp and smart to other people. You can combine shirts that have collars with matching Khaki shorts or trousers. If you are the sporty type, then put together classic preppy sportswear, like polos meant for sport.

The recent love for preppy fashion has encouraged many American fashion houses to produce preppy clothes.

What brought the trend back? The trend was brought back by TikTok users who wear preppy outfits for their TikTok videos. The videos became popular, and many Americans started copying the styles in the videos. In the videos, you can see some styles like sweater vests, open-collared shirts, and so on. Most of them paired the styles with different types of modern accessories.

Types of Preppy Aesthetics Outfits

Academia Aesthetic:

Academia aesthetic is a preppy fashion trend common to those in the educational field. People who are not in the academic fields copy this style from them. The style came into existence decades ago and became popular again this year. This fashion inspiration is divided into three, namely, dark academia fashion, chaotic fashion, and light academia fashion.

The dark academia aesthetic focuses on dark outfits with neutral or dark colors to achieve a gothic style. While light academia aesthetic focuses on light outfits that are usually bright and depicts positive feelings.

On the other hand, a chaotic academic aesthetic is when you dress in a seemingly messy, unique, but stylish preppy manner. This was inspired by the way some academics behave, especially during exam periods.

Pastel Aesthetic:

This is a preppy fashion trend where you combine preppy clothes that have pastel colors. These colors are tinted and light, but not as bright as other colors. Pastel colors are a mixture of white color and bright colors. The white will dull the bright color into a pastel color. Preppy outfits in pastel colors are popular among people that don’t like bright colors.

Kaybug Aesthetic:

Kaybug Aesthetic, otherwise known as Y2K, was a fashion trend last seen in 2004 until recently. It’s a fashion that encapsulated many fields like tech, music, and so on, and integrated it with fashion.

Cottagecore Aesthetic:

This aesthetic became popular in 2020 and reappeared again this year to be the most sought-after fashion trend.

Baddie Aesthetic:

A preppy baddie Aesthetic is made for those who like rock styles or who want to look tough. It is also a common social media style among fashion gurus. The baddie aesthetic follows the normal beauty standards that are trendy today. This aesthetic is known for its Sherpa or bucket hats along with sunglasses and leather outfits. Other style outfits for this aesthetic are corduroy trousers, blazers, and animal prints. This style is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Preppy Outfit Ideas

The following are preppy outfit ideas:

Sweaters Made in the form of a Vest:

This fashion outfit was popular back in the day. If you’re looking for preppy outfits for men and women, then sweater vests are ideal for both genders. The outfit is a bold fashion statement in an understated way. Unlike other outfits, this erstwhile extinct trend became popular on Instagram. Americans have copied the Instagram trend and wear mostly oversized sweater vests with short skirts or trousers. Some also wear normal size sweater vests with jeans or skirts.

A Pleated Skirt Preppy Outfit:

Pleated skirts are normally worn on the tennis court by tennis professionals. Now, the style is also worn by non-professionals outside the tennis court. In addition, pleated skirts are common preppy girl outfits you will find nowadays. Furthermore, there are short, medium, or long pleated skirts that can be paired with matching tops of your choice.

Outfits with Exposed Collars:

It’s a common fashion trend for those in prep educational institutions. But now, working-class people and other fashion lovers have adopted the style. To put this outfit together, wear open-collared shirts underneath your cardigan, coat, or sweatshirt. Let the collars peek out from the inside, and you are good to go. This style is simple and meant for both men and women.

A Draped Sweater Trend:

Draped sweaters are in vogue and will be till next year. It is a simple preppy fashion. You can wear any clothes and simply drape the sweater around your shoulders. This makes you look chic and polished.

Polo Shirts:

Polo shirts are simple preppy aesthetic outfits worn by both men and women. They go with anything and give you a polished look. They come with short sleeves or long sleeves and different colors, depending on what you want.


Preppy outfits are made for men and women. Gone are the days when a preppy outfit makes you look boring or dowdy. If you put together the right preppy outfit, it might even enhance your look and bring out the stylish academia in you. So spice things up today and wear outfits that are out of your comfort zones.

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