13 Stylish Ways to Style a Console Table

Console Table

A console table is an awesome piece of furnishing to add style and functionality to your home. The large surface provides an ideal spot for serving food, drinks or displaying decorative items. However, as with any furniture piece in the home, styling it can be tricky. From using paint colors and patterns to mixing textures and materials, there are many ways you could go about styling your console table so that it matches the rest of your décor beautifully. Here we will show you 13 stylish ways to style a console table!

The Console Table Essentials

Console Tables are versatile furniture pieces that can be styled to fit any style of décor. Here are some essentials for styling your console table:

Paint Color

Use a coordinating paint color or pattern and go with all the same look throughout your entire house. This way, you will see how each piece in your home goes together and makes a cohesive design. Match it with area rugs and furnishing items for a seamless look. The color coordination will create a balanced design. Also, if you paint in a neutral color like beige, white or gray, the design of your room will not feel too busy.


Lighting can create a dramatic effect in any space, and console tables are no exception. Harsh overhead lighting can change the mood of a room, while diffused light from lamps provides a feeling of ambiance. Use lamps or table lamps to light up a console table. The area around the table can also be lit with floor or sconce lights for effect. Lighting is not just about mood and ambiance, however; it should also focus on safety! If you’re going to have candles sitting out at night, make sure they are in containers that prevent them from tipping over.

Different Styles of Console Tables

If you have more than one console table in your home, mix up the styles to keep it interesting and give variety instead of just having everything match. You can also add different elements like vintage artwork or photographs for some extra decoration on top of the tables themselves. Rustic style with some wood accents works well for those who want to keep it simple with their console tables.

Accent Pieces

Place inexpensive accent pieces, such as lamps and framed photos, on the console table to make it feel like your own space. You can also add decorative items that correlate with the room style you are trying to achieve. This will help give off an air of designer living without breaking the bank!


Mixing patterns can spice up your space, but it is important to use complementary colors or designs that work well with each other for them to look great. For example, you could make a black stripe pattern on the top of the table while matching it with striped fabric for the chairs.

Make it Unique

make your console table styling unique by covering the wall behind it with intricate pattern vibrant Persian rugs. Color the console in a bright shade of blue to add a pop of color and contrast with the patterned wall. You can also cover the base of the table with a rug, contrasting to the top.

Showcase it With Flowers

Transform your console table into an oasis by filling a vase or bowl in the center with fresh flowers. Add some greenery for added texture and scented candles on either side of the arrangement to complete this look! If you want to add a bright color, use yellow or purple flowers.

It’s All In The Details

Adding a few accessories on top of your console table creates an instant update! If you have any framed photos that are just sitting around the house, this is a great chance to put them up and display them proudly for everyone to see! You can also store your favorite books or magazines here to create a little reading nook!

The Stack Effect

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly and easy way to style your console table, try stacking some brightly colored candles with a simple gold candlestick holder on top. You can make this look as full as you want by adding more pieces of candle holders, candlesticks, or even a few decorative bowls.

Size Matters 

To make a console table feel more spacious, bunch up the items on top of it and put taller pieces in the back or to one side where they won’t block your view from other parts of the room. You can also move furniture around so that you have extra space for your living area!

Give it a Vintage Touch.

If you want to give your console table a little bit of that vintage, shabby chic touch, try piling some books on top. You can make this look even more authentic by using old and worn-out hardcovers or paperbacks in different colors! You can also use a few decorative pieces.

Use Your Imagination

There are plenty of ways to style your console table, so use your imagination! Play around with patterns and colors for items on top or even add some fun knick-knacks like colorful buttons, markers, ribbons–whatever you think will make it stand out the most. Another awesome idea is to draw doodle art on a clear plastic tablecloth and place it over your console.

Incorporate Plants

You can also try incorporating plants into space. They’re perfect for adding some life to any room! A few ideas are cacti, succulents, ferns, or air plants–or if you want something that’s not so hard to care for, there are more options, like ficus plants or spider plants.

Decorate with Mirrors

Another way to make a console table look bigger is by adding mirrors. This adds depth and light and can help provide the illusion of more space in your home! For more creativity, cover the entire surface with colorful mirrors for an even more dramatic effect.

Display Your Books

If you’re looking to make your console table look less like a table, try using it as a display space! You can place books on the back of the shelves or use them to create some height by stacking them up and tucking them in between each other vertically.

Add Some Focal Point Pieces

If you’re in search of ideas to style your console without using any wall art, as it might not be aesthetically pleasing on top of this piece, try adding some books, plants, or mementos that you love. These will create a focal point and help make your console feel like it’s more than just furniture!

On a Final Note

Console tables are a perfect way to show off your style and add some personality to space. And if you’re not sure what kind of console table design would work best in your home, we can help! RugKnots is happy to offer the fastest shipping on all rugs. We also have amazing customer service, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. So put up your shoes and try one of these stylish ways to style a console table today!