How to Remain Trendy Throughout Your Pregnancy


You have just learned that you are pregnant and you are frightened at the idea of having to buy comfortable and stylish maternity clothes in Pregnancy? Do you think you should abandon your style and wear the shirt of your man? There is nothing to worry about at this point as nowadays; many maternity clothes collections appeared on the market to suit both your mom growing belly and your fashion style.

Experienced designers have conceived contemporary pieces of clothing dedicated to today’s women: convenient, comfortable, elegant, versatile, stylish, and specially created to accommodate all sizes from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy.

Tips to Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy

Here are some fashion tips that will help you remain trendy during these nine months.

  1. Do justice to your curves and emphasize them with tight tops. Do not hide in clothes that are three times too big for you. To further accentuate your curves, choose stretch fabrics, close-fitting and comfortable. Go for extensible materials, but be careful to select the ones that let your skin breathe. The elasticity of the tissues will also allow you to wear your clothes a little longer during and after pregnancy.

  2. Try bright colors or pastels for the ups and dark colors for the downs. Thus you will create an optical illusion and distract attention from your larger parts.

  3. Opt for adjustable systems that adapt to all stages of pregnancy and do not put pressure on your belly.

  4. Go for the 3-in-1 maternity pants that you can wear with tight sweaters without letting the “bumps” in your stomach be seen. There are three ways to wear them: unfolded to cover the belly, folded once for a comfortable mid-belly sensation, or folded twice to support the abdomen.

  5. Leave half an inch of ease in the thigh when you buy a new pair of trousers.

  6. Buy a few well-fitting maternity bras and be proud of your beautiful neckline, emphasizing it by low-cuts.

  7. Buy clothes that you can interchange or pair up easily: beige skirt, gray trousers, little black dress, etc. You can then match them with other colorful items or accessories to create several different outfits.

  8. Opt for skirts, jeans, and trousers with side or ventral panels. You can find more and more of them in online stores. It is even possible to buy them in different cuts: straight leg, skinny jeans, etc. Several jersey skirts with a wide band in the stomach can also work very well, even if they are not just for pregnant women.

Clothes For Specific Trimesters

Congratulations on being a future mother! You are probably all supplied with different books telling you what to do when you are pregnant, but you may not know what kind of clothes to buy. There is no point in buying all the clothes at the beginning of your pregnancy, and it is better to wait for your body to change and get new clothes every trimester. This way, you will know that what you buy fits you perfectly and you will feel comfortable.

#First Trimester

Your belly is already showing signs, and although it may not be big yet, it may just be big enough to not fit in your regular pants. If you don’t want to buy a new pair of pants in your first trimester, you can consider wearing your old loose pants and bottoms. Most women don’t want to let people know about their pregnancy until the second trimester, and you can do this by wearing loose clothes and putting aside the tight ones. It can be easy to hide those few extra pounds you will gain in the first few weeks by wearing clothes that flow over your belly and hips.

#Second Trimester

The second trimester is when everything grows. To save some money, you can go for clothes that can be adjusted. As your belly will get bigger, you won’t have to buy new clothes or sacrifice comfort. Your breasts will also increase, so it may be an excellent time to get some new bras that will fit. You will likely have to get a few sizes bigger and think about comfort instead of style. If you are working, you will need something that will help you through the week, and some lovely wrap dresses for pregnant women may be exactly what you are looking for.

#Third Trimester

That last trimester of pregnancy may seem a bit challenging. Your body has changed, and you may feel a bit big and not in the mood for shopping. To make for a nice look, you can go for bigger accessories than what you usually wear. Consider getting a maxi dress; this is very comfortable and easy to wear, not to mention that it is the number one clothing item for women close to their due date.