Role of Intellectual Property Attorney in Protecting a Brand

Intellectual Property Attorney

Intellectual property, IP is the pillar strength of many business owners. For keeping pace with the demands of the consumers as well as business owners, the role of intellectual property attorney stands out to look over the case. The post will project some light on the role of IP lawyers in the domain of brand protection not just with trademark but covers patents, copyrights which may help you analyze the importance of hiring IP lawyers in Texas to protect your brand.

What Is Brand Protection And How It Will Be Protected By A Skilled IP Attorney In Texas?

Protection of a brand is a strategic means to safeguard the valuable assets of a company from the wrongful intention of infringers. The strategy of a qualified IP lawyer plays a major role in protecting the economic value of a brand along with its name, image, reputation, and overall value in the market.

Brand protection is required against all kinds of harm that can damage the reputation of a company. Such harms may include:

  • Brand counterfeiting- It is a big scam still operating in many places. Brand counterfeiting refers to the duplicates of the branded products with false trademarks to deceive consumers.  
  • Malicious websites- Such fraud websites are created by infringers to harm the brand in terms of monetary, reputation, and presence.
  • Copyright piracy- Copyright works like art, lyrics, software are often sold at cheaper rates by utilizing proprietors’ rights for unauthorized profits & gains. 
  • Squatting of trademarks- Squatters registered names that either sound-alike or look-alike of original marks falsely utilizes the gains.
  • Online impersonation- It arises when the infringer presents himself as the original proprietor of the brand by using its trademarked logos and copyrighted assets.

When these issues arise, an experienced trademark attorney in Texas is needed to seek legal action against the perpetrator. The lawyer plays a prime role in devising the brand protection strategy. He may follow the different IP routes to protect your brand from being used without your knowledge. These strategies are:

  • Trademarks- By registering a brand, its products, logos, and everything related to a business under the trademark law, will help differentiate the same goods of two different proprietors. The appropriate use of trademark laws assists the lawyer, securing the exclusive right of the proprietor to use the brand name and prevent misuse by imitators.
  • Copyright- Seeking copyright protection is a wise strategy used by the Intellectual property attorney with regards to brand protection where the product involves original work of authorship such as art, software, and song. By registering your creative work, the lawyer takes the appropriate measures to protect your brand from being used without your consent.

From the above discussion, it can be determined that there are many ways an IP lawyer has at his disposal to protect the brand. Thus, it is advised to appoint an experienced intellectual property attorney to keep the interest of the company safe through guarding assisting in IP infringement lawsuits with violators.