Fix Your Dryer – The Know- How to Solve Them

Dryer Repair

Do you own a Dryer? Well, if you do, occasionally, you face issues with the appliance that are common but out of your area of expertise. In that case, a visit from a local mechanic is imminent. It would cost you some penny for sure. Now the question is, are you ready to pay that money? Sometimes a few tweaks here would solve the problem for which the mechanic will charge you otherwise. But you need the knowledge to understand where to tweak. That’s where this article is going to help you with issue analysis and solutions. It’s a Money saver!

4 Most Common Issue with Dryers & How to Solve Them

Here’s a list of 4 issues you could fix with ease;

Strange Noise Coming from Dryer


Most of the time, the noise is associated with issues from the drum of the dryer and probably the seal itself. More often than not we overload the drum and after multiple uses, the drum comes loose.


There is no apparent solution to this problem. You could press the drum and try putting it back to its original place. But the best solution is to replace it. You can change the drum rollers too.

Dryer Doesn’t Heat Up


The likely reason behind these issues is a faulty thermal fuse. Multiple reasons could cause this fault. The ventilation might be blocked or the machine is overloaded way too many times or maybe the lint screen gets clogged from multiple usages.


Try to change the fuse wire. If that doesn’t work, replace the fuse. But in case the fuse is ok, you should check the radiant sensor (If Gas Dryer) or the heating element and change them if faulty.

Takes Longer for the Clothes to Dry out


Again this might be a problem with the thermal fuse. Or simply if you have overloaded the drum.


In case of an overloaded drum, unload the clothes and put smaller loads. If a faulty fuse, better checks the whole machinery as a blown fuse might be an early warning for something worse.

Dryer Won’t Start


Normally the main reason could be a worn-out start switch. You need to check the connection to the switch. If it works, check the plunger. You need to see if it’s bent. If not, check the thermal fuse.


In case any of these seems faulty, try to replace them. Otherwise, you can rewire the switch or put pressure on the plunger to counter the bend. Or try changing the wire of the fuse.


Now that you have the knowledge to fix your issues, you can save some dollars there easily. However, if you don’t want to make your hands dirty, there’s an alternate solution. For Clothes Dryers repair in Saddle River NJ, Appliance Repair Service is a reliable source to solve the issues at an affordable rate. The same goes for Sub Zero Refrigerator repair in Saddle River NJ. Sometimes you do require expert help to solve problems