Chlorine Kills the Corona Virus in Swimming Pools or not

Corona Virus in Swimming Pools

The year 2020 was a tough year for all of us as we all witnessed a worldwide pandemic named Coronavirus that created havoc all around the globe and made us all sit in our houses and just look out from the window at the empty roads and streets and washing or sanitizing our hands after anything we touched.

The times were really tough and we all are fortunate enough that things are getting back to normal with the vaccination program in the process this coronavirus soon will be over. But as there is still a lot of time needed to vaccinate the whole precautions must be taken while performing all day to day activities and with new guidelines, authorities have ordered the re-opening of swimming pools in all the states, so it is necessary to take measures before going for a swim in the pools.

There were a lot of questions arising from the public regarding the safety of coronavirus while swimming in pools at home or away and people asked whether chlorine is capable of killing coronavirus or not. So here in this article, we will talk about whether chlorine can kill coronavirus or not.

Chlorine kills coronavirus or not

Many asked whether chlorine is efficient enough to kill corona in pools and the simple answer is yes chlorine is very much efficient in killing the coronavirus in swimming pools as long as the chlorine is 2ppm or higher in the pool it is very much capable of killing the virus in the pool so there are very few chances that anyone will get infected by the virus while swimming in the pool.

Amount of chlorine needed to kill coronavirus

According to experts, 1 ppm of chlorine can kill the virus in one minute but they also that at the commercial swimming pools it is ideal to keep the chlorine level at 3 to 4 ppm and in the personal pools it can be up to 2 ppm.

Keeping surfaces clean

Chlorine may be efficient in killing the coronavirus in water but we have to keep all the wet surfaces around the pool clean and sanitized especially in commercial pools since it is used by the general public and there a lot of visitors visiting the pools it is required by the authorities to properly sanitize the place and maintain social distancing so that the scope of infection is prevented.

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