Margot Robbie Mystique Fan Art – An Iconic Role in X-Men Universe

margot robbie mystique fan art

Margot Elise Robbie is one of the most beautiful and talented Australian actresses and producers globally known. Recently the incredible fan art of Margot Robbie Mystique has taken the internet by storm. Great surprise for Margot’s fans. Get a chance to look at the incredible fan art of your favorite actress: Margot Robbie as Mystique who is one of the most popular characters in the fan-favorite series: X-Men. However, before we talk more about Margot Robbie Mystique’s fan art, let’s learn about the actress in the first place.

Who Is Margot Robbie?

Are you a big fan of the entertainment industry? If yes, then you must have heard about Margot Robbie. Born in 1990, Margot Elise Robbie is a 32-year-old celebrated Australian actress and producer worldwide known for her excellent acting skills. Praised for work in both independent movies and blockbusters, the actress has won many awards, including the Teen Choice Award for Suicide Squad, Best Actress for I, Tonya, Best Female Newcomer for The Wolf of Wall Street, and many more.

margot elise robbie

She has also been listed among the top 100 most influential people worldwide in 2017 by Time Magazine. That’s not all! Forbes ranked her as one of the highest-paid actresses worldwide in 2019.

Career And Life

Born and brought up in Queensland, Margot started her acting career in 2008 on the TV series called Neighbours, on which she worked till 2011. After that, she moved to America and started playing the lead role in TV series named Pan Am (2011–2012).

However, she got a big break with The Wolf of Wall Street—a 2013-based American black comedy crime movie. She gained more name and fame with the movies like The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad—a 2016-based DC superhero film.

Apart from acting, Margot along with her husband cum filmmaker, Tom Ackerley owns LuckyChap Entertainment which is a production company responsible for some of the best movies like I, Tonya, and Promising Young Woman to name a few.

Margot Robbie Mystique Character

Who doesn’t know about the X-Men film series? Inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, X-Men is a famous superhero film series. If reports are to be believed X-Men and Marvel Cinematic Universe are collaborating which is great news for X-Men and Marvel fans. Apart from that, the incredible fan art of Margot Robbie Mystique has also impressed the fans of the X-Men series.

When it comes to playing roles in comic book-based films, actress Margot Robbie has an upper hand. She has already played the iconic DC character Harley Quinn in the 2016-based DC superhero film named Suicide Squad. The actress is already a well-known name in the DC world but that doesn’t mean she can’t be part of the Marvel Universe one day.

Some of her Instagram fans have already made a prediction of the actress playing the role of Mystique in the X-Men series with incredible fan art showcasing Margot Robbie as the popular X-Men character Mystique. Margot has been associated with DC for quite good years, but there is also a high chance that the actress may potentially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe one day.

margot robbie mystique fan theories

Let’s Have A Look At Margot Robbie Mystique Fan Art

It’s too early to predict whether or not Margot would make a shift from DC to Marvel Universe. However, her fans have already made predictions and have expressed a strong desire to see Margot playing the role of X-Men’s most iconic villain, Mystique.

And gratitude to one talented artist, the audience has an idea of what Margot could look like while playing the role of the Mystique in the X-Men series. Talking about the incredible fan art of Margot Robbie Mystique’s character, Margot is seen wearing the Mystique white attire similar to the one in the comics.

Her waist carries a belt made of golden bones. Also, Mystique often carried small weapons and other devices to fight during battles. Furthermore, the fan art includes iconic red hair and blue skin, which reminds us of early X-Men films. Margot Robbie’s Mystique has a sensual and bold physique which was also a staple in the comics. There is also a touch of yellow in the actress’s eyes, along with the iconic red hair and blue skin.

Closing Words

Now the question that makes sense is whether or not Margot Robbie would justify the role of Mystique just like her Harley Quinn character from DC. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Margot Robbie as Mystique. So, far there are no details about when the X-Men will appear.