Noah Shannon Green – All About Megan Fox’s Son Defying Gender Barriers

noah shannon green with mother megan fox

Noah Shannon Green is a well-known Hollywood kid star. Noah’s parents, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are renowned performers, and he has followed in their footsteps with his own eccentric style. Noah, age is just 10 years, has made news because of his penchant for feminine attire, prompting some to wonder about his gender. This article delves into Noah Shannon Green’s personal history, style, and familial dynamics in an effort to piece together his mysterious backstory.

Who Is Noah Shannon Green?

Early Life and Family History

Noah Shannon Green was born on September 27th, 2012, in the United States. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are his parents. Noah has three brothers, including Kassius Lijah, Brian’s son from a previous relationship, as well as Bodhi Ranson and Journey River.

At the age of two, Noah began wearing girls’ dresses, which garnered widespread attention. Recently, his mother, Megan Fox, spoke out about how she dealt with her son’s love for dresses by buying him books written by transgender kids. She hoped that her son would feel safe expressing himself through his wardrobe, regardless of his gender identification. Some have questioned Noah’s gender identity due to his love for dresses, while others have seen it as a reflection of his unique personality.

noah shannon green with mother megan fox and dad brian austin green

Individuality and a Sense of Style of Noah Shanon Green

Dresses are a big part of the reason why Noah Shannon Green’s style has gained traction. His public appearances in dresses have sparked gender identification questions despite the fact that he is a male. His mother has been quoted as stating that she wants her children to find their own voices via their attire, and both of his parents have been loud in their approval of their son’s style.

Some have defended Noah’s right to express himself via his clothing, while others have criticised his parents for spoiling him by letting him wear clothes. His mother has told us that Noah has been subjected to teasing from his peers because of his unique sense of style. Noah’s parents have been nothing but supportive of his decision to dress femininely despite this.

Noah Shanon Green Domestic and Social Life

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, the parents of their son Noah Shannon Green, got a divorce in Feb 2022, after a rocky marriage. After being married for over a decade and producing three children, the couple decided to split up. Noah’s parents are no longer together, but they have agreed to share legal and physical care of their children.

Megan Fox has made no secret of her affection for her children, often posting images of them online. One of her followers even commented on a post asking if she knew where her kids were because they were worried about them. Megan joked that she had completely lost track of her kids and that maybe she might find them in the hotel’s lost and found.

Does Noah Shanon Green Have Social Media Account?

Noah, who is at a young age, is not able to use social media as his parents have prohibited him from doing so. Consequently, he is not present on any social media platform.

Nevertheless, despite his absence, numerous individuals who are admirers of his work have taken it upon themselves to create fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using his name. These accounts are not authorized by Noah, nor are they a reflection of his personal views or opinions.

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Instead, they are created by individuals who wish to impersonate him and gain attention from his social media followers. It’s worth noting that the creation of such accounts can be harmful to Noah’s reputation and personal life, as they may spread false information and misrepresent his true character.

Raising a Nonconforming Child: Lessons from Noah Shannon Green’s Parents

Some children and their families must face the challenge of dealing with gender non-conformity. Parents may find it difficult to cope with the judgement and prejudice of others while simultaneously supporting their child’s gender presentation. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s advice on how to raise a gender-nonconforming kid, based on their experience with their son Noah Shannon Green, is, nonetheless, a fresh take on the topic.

The eldest son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Noah Shannon Green is gender non-conforming and enjoys dressing up in feminine attire. Schoolmates have bullied and discriminated against him, but his parents have always been accepting and kind, demonstrating how parents can aid their non-conforming children.

Celebrating Your Kid’s Uniqueness

In an interview with Glamour UK, Megan Fox said that she had made literature on gender identity accessible to all three of her children, including Noah. The children’s methods of self-expression via clothes were never seen as “odd or unusual or different” since they were naturally a part of their everyday routines.

By providing their children with media like books, documentaries, and movies, parents may reinforce their children’s gender identity and expression. It is also important to reassure children that their gender expression is accepted and loved by you.

noah shannon green with mother megan fox and his aunt


The mental health and happiness of a kid, especially a gender non-conforming teenager, might benefit greatly from parental support. Nevertheless, there is more to being a supportive parent than merely embracing and loving your kid. It also entails campaigning for their rights and resolving any instances of prejudice or bullying they may experience.

Megan Fox said that her kid has been bullied and discriminated against at school because he wore dresses in an interview with Glamour UK. As a mother, she never stops worrying about her son, but she also never stops fighting for him.

Advocate for your kid’s rights and teach others about the necessity of treating gender identity and expression with respect to support your child who does not comply. This may be done in a number of ways, such as by discussing anti-bullying measures with school administration, by pushing for gender-affirming healthcare, and by supporting inclusive gender policies and laws.


The public’s and media’s attention has been drawn to Noah Shannon Green because of his extraordinary individuality. His preference for feminine clothing has spurred conversations about homogeneity and diversity. Children, regardless of their perceived gender, should be encouraged to express themselves in ways that are genuine to them, as shown by Noah Shannon Green.