Gojek Clone App – Launch On-demand Multi-Service App Amidst COVID19

gojek app clone

If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest in a profitable market,  there are no better timings than now. Launch your On-demand multi-service app like Gojek.

Coronavirus has disrupted businesses worldwide. We have no idea when this ongoing pandemic will end. It has completely transformed our lives of how we used to live. Whether it is going to the office, taking classes, dining at the restaurant, doing business, and so on. Now everything has gone online even the as basic like grocery shopping or calling a taxi.

All thanks to on-demand mobile apps that have made it possible to get on with our lives without any hassles. With COVID19 lockdown restricting people to go out, these on-demand multi-service apps are helping them to handle their day-to-day chores.

Why On-demand Multi-service App Like Gojek Is In Need Of The Moment?

The COVID19 cases are increasing at a rapid pace. Thus, various countries’ governments have been levying safe distance protocols. Hence, this has been the primary reason for the rise of multi-service apps.  For an entrepreneur, it can be a profitable opportunity to launch Gojek Clone App.

The rise of on-demand services during the pandemic:

  • On-demand grocery delivery
  • On-demand taxi booking services
  • Online food delivery
  • On-demand handyman services
  • Pharmacy delivery

Launching Gojek Clone App – Multiple Service In A Single App

Developing separate apps is not only time-consuming but expensive. Rather than creating a different app, has integrated multiple services in one single app – Gojek Clone App.

On-Demand Multi-Service App like Gojek helps entrepreneurs to establish their business in a short time. Furthermore, aids them in generating multiple streams of income which makes the business profitable. Not only it provides brand visibility but, helps grow your local businesses. This way building Gojek Clone App you are helping to boost the economy by providing ample opportunities to the local businesses, independent professionals, delivery drivers, and so on.

Thus, launching an on-demand Multi-service App like Gojek during COVID19 can suffice the need of the businesses, as well as consumers offering a win-win situation.

What Is Gojek Clone App?

Gojek clone App enables you to enter the on-demand industry by integrating multiple services under one app. The app is built on scalable technology with 100% customization reduced your operational expenditures. Thus, launching this awesome on-demand multiple services can bring your huge profitable business every day.

This super-app includes on-demand services like:

Online taxi booking services. This includes booking taxis/cabs on the go, shuttle services, cab rentals, carpooling/ride-sharing, and Moto services. The user can quickly book the ride and enjoy these affordable taxi booking services without any hassles.

Apart from this, the app includes on-demand delivery services. This comprises on-demand grocery, food delivery, pharmacy, sanitization services, maid/cleaning services, tow truck/road assistance services, water bottle services, flowers, and gifts, etc.

OnDemand delivery services include beautician services, handyman services, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tutors, babysitters, dog walkers, lawyers, doctors/healthcare professionals, etc.

Features To Integrate Into Gojek Clone App

If you wish to develop a unique Gojek Clone App, it is important that you have new version features 2021 to stand out from the rest. Here they are:

Restricted passenger limits 

The driver limits the passenger’s seating depending on the latest COVID19 safety rules from the government.

Face mask verification

The driver has to upload the selfie in the app showing that he/she has worn the mask during the entire trip.

Safety ratings and reviews

The user is asked to provide safety ratings/reviews on how was the driver following safety practices.

Safety checklist

The safety checklist is all about following COVID19 safety measures like sanitization of the car regularly, carrying sanitizers, wearing gloves and masks, passengers suppose to wear masks, etc.

Ride cancellation

The driver and the rider both can cancel the ride if either of them found violating the rules.

Apply toll cost manually

The driver can apply the toll cost manually, then summing to the invoice that the user/rider has to pay when the trip ends.

Taxi fare calculation – 2 methods

It allows the driver to calculate the fare based on two methods – one based on the estimated fair rate and the road traveled during the trip.

Store wise commission

The feature allows the admin to set different commission rates on every store.

Day wise separate time slots

The stores/restaurants can set their days and workhouse based on their business requirements. For instance, they can work long during weekends thus can set timings accordingly.

Order cancellation by delivery drivers

The delivery drivers can cancel the order if they are unable to carry on the orders.

Item name searching

It helps the user to quickly search the items from the virtual grocery aisles and menus to add items to the cart.

Voice instruction for delivery drivers

The voice instruction feature allows the user to put a voice note regarding specific deliveries.

OTP verification

The driver will ask the OTP before starting the trip/task

Graphical icon status of order/ride

The graphical status icon showcases the real-time status of the orders/rides using graphical icons through in-app notifications.

In Conclusion

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup looking to invest in this flourishing market, launch GOJEK CLONE App as the timing can’t be better than now. This on-demand multi-services app solution can be developed by hiring an on-demand app development company. Choose a white-label solution that offers 100% customization. Furthermore this ready-made app solution offers greater flexibility in customizing the services the way your business demands. The clone app is quick to launch once you take the demo and finalize the order.