How Amazon Has Been Helping Small Businesses to Survive Amidst the Pandemic

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No doubt, the covid 19 crisis spares nothing and no one- lives, businesses, countries, and even the economy. However, it appears small businesses tend to get the hardest hit. While some braced up for the catastrophic impact of the pandemic, many found themselves sinking into debt. Thanks, to an e-commerce giant such as Amazon stepping in during this period to help covid-hit small businesses. And while many might have a negative judgment of the company, its impact during this period of crisis cannot go unnoticed. With lockdown measures being eased in most countries, small business entrepreneurs are not just positive but also expecting growth in 3-5 years post covid. Looks like there is still hope left on the horizon. Hence, Modern Millionaires Review, a million-dollar business, helping forward-thinking entrepreneurs make a mark in the business world look into ways in which Amazon has helped small businesses during these trying times. Before diving in, take look into the Modern millionaire’s reviews to see how many businesses have been transformed and how entrepreneurs are taking hold of their businesses despite the crisis.

Amazon prime day is a game-changer

Not only has Amazon helped small to medium-sized businesses thrive digitally online through online sales, but the company also reported the highest prime day ever since it started. The sales are huge this time, surpassing $3.5 billion, almost 60 percent year-over-year increase, Amazon explains in a press release.

The annual 2-days prime day was postponed for months as a result of covid 19. As the lockdown measures eased, the event was held and it seems to be a great one for many entrepreneurs, including the minority business owners. Since the lockdown, the platform is experiencing a continuous spike in sales with no sign of slowing down. While many might be looking at the negative ways the company has impacted small brick and mortar business (no doubt, with the rapid shift to online shopping due to stay at home order) how about changing the story and see how businesses have benefited from being on Amazon. How to monitor employee internet usage. 

Small businesses are going digital

With Amazon’s global selling, small businesses have been able to reach customers across the globe which has boosted their visibility and sales. From essential goods to handmade artisans to bookselling… you name it. Almost anything can be sold anywhere through the power of eCommerce. A platform that houses millions of small and medium businesses, many have been able to sail through this period of trials with online shopping while meeting customers’ demands. A much-needed help in a world that is cracked with uncertainties. It’s no surprise that the number of small businesses registering on Amazon has skyrocket following the ease in the lockdown restrictions. Amazon has won the heart of many small business owners considering the boost in sales and the revenue generate as a third-party seller serving the customers directly through the behemoth platform. Not to forget that the company represent over 90 percent of all US businesses while providing job opportunities to more than half of the workforce.

This means if you are a brick-and-mortar struggling during the pandemic, and you are yet to dive into the online world, you might be missing out on a whole lot of business opportunities and growth. Amazon is helping small businesses revive their business, it’s time for more local shops, brands, businesses, to jumpstart eCommerce and scale their business.

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