Types of Mirrors Best Suited for your Place


Since earlier times, the concept of a mirror in the homes or any other place is a trend. These trends have continued since then and have not faced any replacement for it. The trends of mirrors keep on increasing and its craze for more designs keeps on increasing day by day. Due to these demands of mirrors, competitions remain between the sellers. More and more innovative designs are getting launched day by day. MyTyles has been a lead seller of these new designs too.

Designer mirrors attract more people. The more attractive the mirror looks, the more people buy them. We have this wide collection for every type of room. Whether it be a bathroom mirror or a wall mirror or a dressing table mirror. The different varieties are loved by our customers, and the quality of our product is great.

Get The Best Bathroom Mirrors For Looks Your Bathroom Amazing:

There are varieties of different designs for the bathroom mirrors available with us. Come in different shapes and have lights in them. For modern bathrooms, the led mirrors are mostly demanded. People nowadays like lights in almost every product and so we have these led mirrors which are cool and exciting. These mirrors give a fantastic show to the bathroom with different colours of light available in it.

Different Size and Attractive Dressing Mirror:

Dressing tables that are kept in the room is always in a combination of the furniture of the room. These mirrors which MyTyles provides are such that they increase the show of the room. These lights will help you do your makeup and dress-ups more conveniently. Some of the mirrors have thick borders which give it a classy look to the dressing table. For a dressing table, a normal rectangle mirror or an oval mirror is always in demand. So, a lot of variances are not seen in its shape.

Cabinet Mirrors:

Cabinet mirrors are also in demand these days. These mirrors have an almirah kind rack which is very useful in storing kinds of stuff. These racks are not too big and do not occupies much space. Instead, it is very efficient for bathroom use because of the space it holds. These cabinet mirrors can be kept in the hall, or as a dressing mirror. If there is space in your bathroom, then these can be used as bathroom mirrors too.

Order Wall Mirrors in 3-D Shaped:

The trend of wall mirrors is still on but in an increased version. The wall mirrors which we have are of different shapes which attract more customers to us. The uniqueness of our mirror is that it is in 3-d shape. Like different hexagonal shape mirrors or circled shape mirrors. These mirrors are joined together in different patterns later. This different style makes the room look classy. These can be used as bathroom tiles.

Also, there are some of the wall mirrors which have a rack attached to them. This rack can be decorated with beautiful flowers and small plants. To make it more decorative, some decorative items can also be kept on it. These wall mirrors come in different shapes whether it be a rectangle or a circle, a drop shape, diamond shape, hexagonal, square, and many more.