10 Techniques To Get Quality SEO Links By Guest Post


What is Linkbuilding or link building?

The Linkbuilding technique consists of getting or creating external links that point to your web page just like from guest blogging. However, we must know other concepts that will help us see clearly what this technique consists of.

Incoming links or backlinks are what help us gain authority over our website. The backlinks can be natural or artificial. When we speak of natural backlinks, we refer to those in which we have not intervened, that is, another web page or the page of a third party that recommends and mentions us. Artificial backlinks are those links that we get and/or create ourselves, using the Linkbuilding technique. In other words, it is the artificial inclusion of links between pages of different domains.

Therefore, Linkbuilding or link building is a technique that consists of getting or creating these external links, either naturally or artificially, to generate more authority and improve the positioning of our website.

Classification of the Type of Links

We must bear in mind that the more external links we get and the greater authority the third-party domains that link us have, the better authority/relevance we will acquire and the better our website will be positioned.

There is also another classification of the type of links that is important to take into account for SEO, they are the dofollow, nofollow, and sponsored attributes. These attributes help search engines to identify the type of link it is. In a very summarized way, we can say that the “nofollow” links indicate to Google that this type of link should not share the authority of the page, on the contrary, the “dofollow” links indicate that it should share the authority of the page. . As for the “sponsored” links, what we indicate is that they are sponsored links, they should not share authority either.

A good Linkbuilding strategy consists of the combined acquisition of different types of links (dofollow, nofollow, sponsored …), always in a natural way in which search engines see diversity both in the types of links and in the time and frequency of acquisition.

Linkbuilding techniques by guest post to get links to your website:

Once we have seen the basic concepts and how the Linkbuilding strategy can benefit the positioning and authority of our domain, we are going to name the 10 techniques to get links for your website:

Link Baiting

Link baiting consists of creating content of great interest, quality, and relevance, always aimed at the optimal audience. This technique seeks to get external links naturally, attracting the audience due to the quality of the content on your website. The objective is that users want to share and link said content on their websites through links to our page. The type of content that we offer can be in different formats: infographics, videos, surveys, reports, maps, etc.

Guest Blogging

This is one of the techniques that bring the most SEO benefits for both your website and the Blog you post on, it is a win-win technique. It consists of publishing a post (guest post) as a guest (Guest Blogger) in a blog of another author, but with a similar theme. The idea is to write a post with neutral content, that is, on more general blog topics without mentioning the qualities of the author or his name and embedding a link to our page. This technique helps you create relationships, gain subscribers and give your brand visibility, as well as position your website.

Guest posting

It is a technique similar to guest blogging with a small difference, the content of the post can more directly mention the qualities of the author/client, their dedication, and their name. In this type, we will add the most specific anchor links to the brand and/or author.

Guest Blogs

This technique consists of writing comments on other blogs that offer the possibility of leaving a link or URL. With this technique, it is advisable to comment naturally, adding value to the comment and referring to the content of the post, since, otherwise, the comment will be considered spam and will not be published.


As with the previous technique, this consists of participating in conversations in forums, incorporating the link from our website. The conversations have to be natural and be by the topic of the forum. It can be inserted both in the signature and in the texts of the answers as references.

Directories and Portals

This technique consists of creating business files in different directories or online portals. We must look for thematic portals and create the file of our profile/company by adding a link to our website in the fields designated for it. This technique will also improve your positioning in Google My Business.

Press Releases

Press releases are a good technique to increase the authority of your website. It consists of the dissemination and publication in a communication medium (newspapers, newspapers, feeds …) a press release with relevant content, for example, launching a new product or service, opening a new store, news about your business, etc. . This way you will get your link published on a high authority website. Don’t forget to use your brand’s anchor text.

Social Media Profiles

Although some links on social networks are nofollow if you work your networks well you can get a lot of traffic through them. For example, on LinkedIn, there is the possibility of including dofollow links. Also, make sure all profiles have a link to your page.

Competitor Links

This technique consists of analyzing your competition and looking at which websites they link to, that is, what backlinks your competitor has. To extract this information they can use a powerful SEMrush tool. When you have the inbound links of your competition, analyze these websites to see if you can get them to link to you as well, since they surely have high authority and can help you position your website by equating yourself with the competition.

Create Relationships

Every day millions of people create valuable content on the Internet on different topics. It is as simple as linking pages of these websites with yours, complementing your resources, and creating this relationship or link with them. You can mention him in your post or on your social networks to make this relationship a win-win for both of you.


As you can see, there are many effective techniques to include in your link building strategy to capture links, with a correct application of these in combination with others such as content generation or Onpage optimization, you will be able to increase the authority of your web page, also increasing the quality of incoming traffic and creating links with other companies that can favor the development of your maca.