Techniques and ideas for making a macrame pendant light

Techniques and ideas for making a macrame pendant light

Techniques and ideas for making a macrame pendant light. If you are a fan of modern trends and the bohemian spirit, in particular, you have certainly already seen these magnificent macrame creations that enhance the decor of any interior. Whether you like the modern style or prefer the traditional vibe, making a macrame pendant light is a superb idea to bring a touch of character to your home. We prove you the opposite for all who enchant by macrame art but do not always dare to embark on this challenge (which seems too complicated to us). We take you through the main techniques to master easy weaving in no time in the following lines.

In general, the macrame pendant light comes in several fantastic versions. Wall decoration or headboard, suspension for plants, exotic chandelier, and more: curtain or room divider, hanging chair, wall shelf, even magnificent wedding decor. Thanks to DIY macrame objects, you can refresh your interior by adding a natural and exotic note. Macrame creations blend perfectly with wooden furniture and green plants in a chic bohemian atmosphere. But, the macrame pendant lights adapt in a more stylish design with the same success. Need any ideas on how to integrate a macrame accessory into your decor? Take a breath of inspiration from the gallery below.

If you don’t have fairy fingers and are just looking for suitable macrame hanging models for your decor, you can find a wide range of cool items at modern macramé, Etsy, Amazon, etc. If you fall into the category of enthusiasts who can’t wait to do their first macrame project, we’ve brought some great, easy tutorials to your attention. You can also get the Modern Macrame book with instructions for doing 33 different macrame projects and drawing ideas.

Learn the basic knots

What seems like an impossible project to us at first turns out to be quite an achievable mission if we explore the world of macrame tricks and techniques. To enjoy your macrame creations, you have to learn the main knots and experiment with various combinations. Let’s see how to make the three most used knots: lark’s knot, flat knot, and the oblique wand pattern.

Lark’s head knot

  1. We start by folding the wire (red in the photo) in half to form a loop.
  2. Then, it must pass under the main wire (the green wire in the photo).
  3. We fold the loop down.
  4. Now, we have to recover the two wires in the loop.

Make a flat knot

  1. To make this type of knot, the left thread forms a loop and passes over the central thread.
  2. Then, the right thread passes over the left thread and then goes up diagonally in the loop, passing under the main thread.
  3. We pull on both ends, and there it is.

Master the “oblique baguette” pattern

Techniques and ideas for making a macrame pendant light

The oblique baguette is a macrame technique that consists of making diagonal semicircles. For it:

  1. Take the left thread and pass it over to the right thread.
  2. Form a loop with the straight thread and pull.
  3. We repeat the previous step once again.
  4. Then, we continue to weave down to the bottom. Leave the left thread aside, take the right line and pass it over to the next thread.

These are the three basic knots that can combine in many ways to make fantastic macrame creations. If you are strongly passionate about macrame art and you are curious to learn the other most popular types of knots, you will find 11 techniques in the following tutorial:

Macrame pendant light in shaded version

Once the basic knots have been mastered, we start making sublime macrame suspensions. This first-class cutter tutorial will use the three techniques we have already examined to make a wall hanging with an ombré design. Let’s see how the magic happens:

The materials needed:

  • Wooden stick
  • Cotton rope
  • Favorite color textile dye
  • Scissors

The steps to follow:

  • We start by tying a thread of rope at both ends of the stick. It will help us hang it on the wall later.
  • Then, you have to cut several ropes of the same length (about 1.5-2m).
  • Now, we start to tie the strings to the stack using the lark knot technique.
  • Once all the strings have been attached to the stick (in a lark’s knot), we begin weaving using the flat knot technique.
  • We make the entire first row of flat knots.
  • We skip the first two strands for the second row and start to make flat knots (from the third strand) until arriving at the last two strands.
  • Repeat the previous step 11-12 times until you get a square knot in the center, creating a V (triangle) shape.
  • Now we start a series of oblique chopsticks (double half-knots diagonally) along the left and right sides of the triangle. The oblique chopsticks will create a border of the macrame.
  • Finally, gather 4 strands of the macrame fringe and tie a few flat knots.
  • To give the pendant a more triangular shape, cut both ends of the fringe diagonally.

Once the pendant is ready, we have to create this stunning ombre effect on the bangs. To do this:

  1. Mix the dye with water, following the instructions on the box.
  2. Immerse the cracks in the paint.
  3. Let it dry well.

Macrame chandelier

Material:  cotton rope, shade structure, scissors, and iron (optional)


  1. Cut the rope into small ropes of the same length (about 3m).
  2. To achieve this subtle effect of the strings, you can iron them.
  3. Now, we start to tie the ropes on the iron ring using the lark knot technique.
  4. Make the first row with half knots.
  5. Measure 1 cm and start a row of flat knots.
  6. Measure 1 cm and make a second row of flat knots.
  7. Now, you have to make two rows of half-knots with no space.
  8. Then we make twisted half-knots.
  9. Make two more rows of half-knots.
  10. Measure the length and cut off the excess cord. Also Read: ARTS AND CRAFTS PROJECT