Cloud Telephony: The Key To Successful Business


If one even looks back five years ago, how major industries operated and conducted business is starkly different from how they function now. Processes like sales, support, operations, innovation are dependent on technology. Working in offices isn’t the same. How employees communicate with each other and communicate with customers has changed drastically. And so have the limits of geographies; organizations are becoming more and more international and multinational. This has led to businesses serving both global and local customers. And all of this is being achieved via the lever that is technology. It is the technological innovation that is rampantly making more and more businesses chart a growth story.

Agility is a central storyline in this story of successful businesses. Conventionally, the concept of “agility” was a part of just “good organizations” and a metric most innovative companies look at. However today it is an important part of most successful companies

If one was to define agility, it goes something like this:

Agility n, 1. Ability to move quickly and easily, 2. Ability to think and make decisions quickly

What does Technology do for businesses?

Technology gives businesses agility and the technology of cloud communication multiplies it with 5 times at least. Larger conglomerates, as well as small startups, are reassessing their demands and features when it comes to being agile, flexible, and innovative. They’re finding out that communication is central in this new, fast-paced world. Fortunately, the solution, rather than the technology, that offers the most mobility, flexibility, and performance needed is also easy to use, saves on expenses, and scales up and down effortlessly: cloud communications.

Now let us look at the various features of cloud telephony and how it’s key for building or sustaining businesses in the current world.

Excel at Collaboration

Cloud communications providers like Knowlarity provide businesses smooth and easy access to collaboration and remote working tools like voice and video conferencing, one-click meeting scheduling, instant messaging, desktop and document sharing, Chatbots, and more that integrate with leading CRMs to give a holistic view of the customer.

Easy Scalability

Whether your traffic is going up or down or if you’re adding a new team to your fleet of employees, or even expanding in other locations, cloud communication technologies can accommodate new users and traffic seamlessly. A business doesn’t need to think twice about adding new infrastructure to facilitate communication since cloud communication is all hosted on the cloud. All they need is a compatible device and stable internet connectivity to connect and serve customers wherever they are in the world.

Agile Growth

Cloud communication and its hosted solutions come with a slew of tools and features that can be even central to a business’ growth. Want to look at the performance of your employees? There is a dashboard that lets you view agent performance at once. Cloud-hosted solutions like Virtual Number are immensely agile too and let a business function normally even in unprecedented times like these

Easy Integrations

Apart from the usual dough Cloud communications solutions offer, they also include features that can be very instrumental in charting the growth story of a company. Unlike traditional telephony that operates in silos, a cloud-hosted solution can be integrated with other organization-wide marketing automation tools, support software, and lead management system to offer a holistic look at a customer and more so, present the entire picture of a customer. There are features such as call forwarding, routing and transfers, voice meetings, messaging, auto-attendant, IVR, and intelligent routing and offers advanced applications like click-to-call, interactive voice response, skill-based routing, CRM integration, and much more.

Reduced Expenses

Comprehensive cloud-based communication solutions aid save costs by virtually removing the need for any CapEx or traditional hardware like desktop, phones and exchange boxes, wires, and at rates that are much cheaper than traditional telephony.

Enhanced Performance

Cloud communication-based solutions aid employees to perform better, do a better job, and achieve more targets, by simply offering seamless call quality, remote access, and integrated features that let employees be connected to and informed of customers and each other.

Precisely how the concept and capabilities of cloud communication software and solutions become the key to the success of your organization is for you to find; but, it’s quite certain that the potential advantages do require worthwhile consideration by any company, regardless of size, location or operation. Talk to the experts at Knowlarity to learn how our cloud communications solutions can become the key to your success.