Top 8 Types of Kitchen backsplash Tiles!

Backsplash tiles

Backsplash tiles add a wow factor to your kitchen area, and there are many varieties that you can explore to lock the best option suiting your culinary space. We at  offer you an exemplary and exquisite style of Spanish tile, mirror and mosaic tiles or even the stone-based options. Based on your budget, type and application, there are numerous options available at our display. 

Here are the top 8 types of kitchen tiles trending in the market:

  1. Laser-cut Tile- These tiles have intricate cutting and lasers that offer elaborate designs that combine into a puzzle. It is a premium quality tiling option that comes at expensive materials such as marble, quartz, silver, or gold-backed glasses. You can choose the style, keeping in mind the overall ambiance of your kitchen. 
  2. Mirror Tile- Mirror Backsplash is another way to giving a unique touch to your kitchen area. It has wonderful textures and enlarges the overall kitchen space to manifolds. Locating this type of Spanish tile at any specific place like the serving station can be a significant highlight to your kitchen area. Several exclusive tile designs are available at our display, and you can choose the best ones at your convenience. 
  3. Diagnol Tile– At Mytyles, you can discover the Diagnol tile designs that could give an unusual spin to the regular tile setting. When you opt for this type of kitchen layout, it is evident that you need almost 10 percent more tiles for completing the backsplash look. This setting is labor-intensive and involves more cutting in top and bottom; installers might charge a bit high for the extra efforts they put in. 
  4. Large Pattern tiles- Bigger and bolder tile designs are trending now, and it can impart a unique style statement to your kitchen area. We have a wide variety of overscale patterns that fit perfectly for the customization and appears like a wallpaper. Such large patterned tiling set up can give an impeccable layout to the wall space and create a thoughtful design for sure. 
  5. Herringbone Tile- You can add a distinct texture level in your kitchen area with the Herringbone tile. Purchasing such type of patterned tiles can help in enhancing the kitchen space with a magnificent setup. There is 12 x 12-inch backing material available on which you can place several pieces together, which eliminates the fuss of setting each tile separately. 
  6. Subway Tile- This type of tile is timeless and classic as they work wonders with the kitchen ceiling designs. If you are searching for a completely fresh and modern look for your kitchen, this option can best match your needs. You can also buy it for backsplash and merge it with some interesting tile beading work to give it a finished look. 
  7. Specialty-shaped tile- We are the top manufacturers dealing with spectacular and innovative tile designs, including various shapes and colors in it. You can think creatively and find some specialty designs that impart a unique feel to your kitchen area. 
  8. Mosaic tiles- If you are looking for a new age tile that fits in your budget and imparts a fascinating kitchen look, Mosaic tiles can be a perfect idea. You can create multiple designs with these mosaic tiles and give an innovative look to the kitchen backsplash. 

Visit mytyles to explore the whole new world of kitchen backsplash tile that can spread marvel and elegance to your kitchen!