Complete guide- How to buy the best wash basin for Bathrooms?

wash basin

Are you stuck up with choices for bathroom décor? We could help you out some out of the best options to upgrade your bathroom styles. There are various styles to pick from the best tile store, depending on the space, choice, and design of the wash basin you desire. While tabletop wash basin in trending these days, there are also other options like a wall hung basin or wash basin with pedestal available in the market.

Let us discover some more essential aspects of selection for an ideal wash basin sink for bathroom:

• Functionality-

Depending on your usage, the choice for the wash basin can be made. Figure out whether your usage is frequent or moderate and then hop to style selection. In some cases, durability could be the concern while few concentrate on styling.

• Opt for simpler designs-

The bathroom is a small space, and streamlining its appearance with monotone colors and sleek patterns always works. Choosing a tabletop wash basin adds a beautiful touch to bathroom and gives it a classy touch.

• Futuristic look-

For a modern look, under the counter or tabletop wash basin again hits the list as they also provide a closet beneath to store all bathroom essentials. Internal storage of all bathroom items makes the space look more clean and attractive.

• What about going retro?-

To create a style statement in a tight bathroom space, a pedestal wash basin sink can work well. But hunt for the unit with a vintage or stony touch that can enhance the overall look. You can also mount the Pedestal wash basin at the outdoor spaces.

• Save floor space-

The most neglected fact by people while purchasing the wash basin sink is saving the bathroom floor space. A compact design of a tabletop washbasin can allow you to preserve the floor space in a smaller bathroom. At, you can find distinct shapes, sizes, and designs of washbasin that can accommodate any bathroom size without hampering its look.

• Cover the corners-

If the bathroom has some empty nooks, corner sinks can work great. They are accessible in wall-mount and pedestal options that could perfectly fit any waste corner making the bathroom look bigger.
However, apart from these common factors, there are also individual specific requirements for the purchase of a tabletop washbasin that only a professional can meet. What brands are good? How can I accommodate multiple washbasins in my budget? Which is the trending style for the washbasin? These are a few questions that only a professional tile store owner could answer well.

Final words

We at, strive consistently to provide you with the best guidance and a virtual tour to a premium collection of sanitary ware like a tabletop washbasin, pedestal washbasin, bathroom tiles, and all other ceramic needs. Our comprehensive product range helps in better space management and choosing the apt sink style to meet your purpose. It is a one-stop destination for all your ceramic needs in India!