Does the Friendship Between Will Smith and Chris Rock Still Exist?

Does the Friendship Between Will Smith and Chris Rock Still Exist

The Will Smith and Chris Rock incident will always be iconic in the minds of Americana and the world. People were shocked that Will Smith lost control of himself and slapped his friend at a public event. Many wonders why Will couldn’t control himself. While most defended him saying that he was defending his wife. Either way, Will’s actions that night might have cost him more than he bargained for.

The Incident that Occurred Between Will Smith and Chris Rock

Around March 2022 at an Oscar live award presentation, something happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith.

Lots of people didn’t appreciate what happened with Will Smith and Chris Rock on that night. To some of them, what Will did to Chris was uncalled for. This is what happened. Chris Rock, a comedian, made a joking remark about Jada Smith, Will’s wife, at an Oscar event. Chris likened Jada to G.I Jane due to her shaved hair. Jada is currently battling with an autoimmune disease that caused her to lose her hair. Having this disease called alopecia, has made Jada an advocate for the disease. So, Chris making a joke about her condition might have been insensitive to Jada. Therefore, Will stood up and slapped Chris in retaliation for the perceived insult.

Interestingly, that night was the night Will won his first Oscar award. And the movie that got him the award is titled ‘King Richard’. There and then, the Academy banned Will for 10 years, yet Will was not remorseful. Will waited for three months before he apologized to Chris. His apology was an Instagram post of a video that lasted for about five minutes. This sparked another round of Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars 2022 incidents on social media.

Is it Possible for Will Smith’s New Movie Emancipation to Go to Oscar?

The answer to this question is yes. After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, many people thought that he would be permanently banned from the Oscar. Fortunately for him, this didn’t happen because, after the incident, Will’s movie Emancipation has been nominated for the Oscar awards.

After slapping Chris Rock, Will submitted a resignation letter to remove his membership from AMPA&S. Furthermore, Oscar banned Will from their show’s telecast and other related events for a decade.

Hence, Will’s new production can technically be eligible to be nominated for Oscar next year. However, he can’t physically show up on the show or virtually accept the award if he wins.

Because of this, it’s not quite sure how aggressively the producers of Emancipation will campaign to get Will Smith nominated. The Oscar is already highly competitive with many people vying for the same awards in different categories. Now, the chances of Will winning the award are low because he can’t even market himself at any movie events. But Will can still be physically present at other award ceremonies not related to the Oscar and the Academy.

About the Movie Emancipation

A media outlet has speculated that Will can be nominated. Another also reported that Emancipation will give Will the chance to get an Oscar nomination in the best actor category.

This is coming after Will Smith and Chris Rock’s incident at a live Oscar show in 2022.

Smith produced this new movie and also acted as a character in the movie. It is his first big movie following his incident with Chris. The movie’s story is so unique that many people have speculated that it’ll win many awards. The plot is about slavery and how the male lead escaped from the clutches of slave masters.

The Release of the Movie

Will’s new movie was first screened last week in Washington at a legislative conference. The conference was created to promote black excellence in American politics. Emancipation was supposed to have been released in early 2022. Unfortunately, Will Smith and Chris Rock incidents pushed back the release of the movie. Thereafter, the release was moved to December 2022 and a week later, it will be shown on Apple TV. This means that Emancipation will fulfill all eligibility criteria for 2023 Oscar award nominations.

The movie is a true-life story of a man Called Whipped Peter. Peter became a Union Army member immediately after he fled as a Louisiana slave in 1860. Peter revealed his heavily mutilated back. He sustained the scars when he was severely whipped several times as a slave. He revealed his scars when he was undergoing his compulsory military medical exam. This revelation shocked several people, who circulated his pictures to help abolish slavery during that period.

Kevin Hart’s Candid View About the Incident

Many months after the Oscar award, the internet never forgot the event. Several celebrities had many things to say concerning the Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscars 2022 incident. One of them was Kevin Hart, a comedian, and fellow actor. Kevin is a friend of Chris and Will, so he knows both of them very well. Kevin is well-known for his honest opinions and candid views. He believed that Will Smith was really apologetic. To him, Will and Smith needed space to come to terms with the incident and reconcile. He admonished the public to stop fuelling the matter. Kevin further stated that nobody is above mistakes and nevertheless, he loved both men. The incident doesn’t change his relationship with Chris or Will.


Will Smith and Chris Rock indeed have a crack in their relationship? What happened at the Oscar event was an unfortunate occurrence that affected years of friendship. However, people should realize that nobody is above mistakes and both men will resolve their issues when they like. As Kevin said, both need time to sit down together, properly apologize to each other, and move on. But the time they will have a sit down depends on both Will Smith and Chris Rock. Until then, the world will be patient with them and move on to other things.


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