What You Need To Know About Low Rise Cargo Pants

low rise cargo pants

Fashion trends come and go and low rise cargo pants are one of such which recently have been trending even among celebrities. We are here to give you the latest fashion tips and trends that will keep you updated in the fashion world. So, in case you have related articles, you can write for us as we accept a guest post that is similar. When you hear the word cargo pants you might be thinking of freight but it has nothing to do with it.

Cargo pants were originally invented for soldiers and have been in style ever since then and are resurfacing now in style. Though cargo pants were initially designed for outdoor activities with various large pockets that can be used for carrying or keeping things. With various portable gadgets now available you can easily carry them along with you in those pockets since is convenient. But it is not just meant for storage it can also be stylish and can be inculcated into daily fashion.

Low Rise Cargo Pants History And Description


Low-rise pants have been in style since the 90s for both men and women but later became popular in the early years of 2000. The popularity of the low-rise pants is what led to the manufacture of the pants in different styles such as low rise dress pants mens, cargo pants, and low rise leather pants. Low-rise cargo pants are the type of pants style that is available for both men and women which usually sit low on the hips. It means the waistband of the low-rise pants is lower than that of regular pants.


It was discovered that in those days that low rise pants when worn do expose more skin including the navel. This makes many to be skeptical about the fashion trend but with the new age style, there are lots of options to choose from which doesn’t expose a lot of skin. Cargo pants are mostly made of hard fabric material and strong stitches. The good thing about these pants is that they can be used for various activities as they are durable and comfortable to wear. Cargo pants are not only for those working, military personnel, or specific groups as there are different types with modern styles.

The wide-leg cargo pants are also part of the fashion trend you can see around you. Some people might see wearing these wide-leg pants that are covered with pockets as casual wear but it all depends on your style. These styles will be around for some time so it is better to know how to pull off these pants in grand style with the right combination. Stacked cargo pants on the other hand are designed for everybody and have now become popular among celebrities. Stacked pants are now important pieces in people’s wardrobes that can be used for any other tops for different occasions and seasons.

Types of Cargo Pants

We all know that cargo pants come with lots of pockets. This was how the name cargo was derived as it can carry various items. This only is not meant for carriage, it also makes it stylish and more fashionable. To know more about different types of cargo pants, we have put together some in this article. Cargo pants are of different types;

EMT pants

These durable cargo pants material is made of cotton and polyester. They can be easily washed using a washing machine. The knees part of the pants is made with heavy wear and come with many pockets. EMT cargo pants come in different colors, greys, black dark blue, and uniform colors.

Hiking Cargo Pants

The composition of the materials used for these cargo pants makes them tough, water-resistant, tough, and have storage capacity. Hiking cargo pants are majorly used for outdoor activities, imagine you going for this activity and still looking stylish. They come in camouflage colors, brown, and khaki.

Tactical Cargo Pants

These exceptionally durable pants are worn by police officers and SWAT team members. They come with various hidden pockets in a large pocket and their pockets are always concealed. The reason why they are wear-resistant is that the materials are double stitched. Tactical pants can be black, green, blue, and khaki.

Slim Fit Cargo Pants

The only difference with this type of pants is that it is fitted. It has other features that come with other types of pants like plenty of pockets, durability, and toughness. 

It is quite different from loose pants.

Cargo Jogger Pants

The cargo joggers are made in the form of athletic wear coupled with a traditional look for comfortability. The materials are soft and breathable. The waistband is made up of drawstrings or elastic that is comfortable. Their pockets are much lighter than the traditional type.

Denim Cargo Pants

They are made up of denim materials; this is a new development in cargo pant styles. It consists of a big pocket in the leg which makes it look more classic and many other small pockets.

High-end Cargo Pants

Different creativity has been placed into cargo pants like using different materials for making cargo pants, materials ranging from cotton, silk, denim, and leather. They are also made in different styles like flare, skinny and straight legs. These high-end cargo pants have now been embraced by various celebrities, they also come in different colors and shades.

In conclusion

Low rise cargo pants are made in a way to suit different tastes because they can be made using a different fabric. They can also be styled in different patterns. The most interesting part is that it can be worn in any season. As there are ones that are made with materials that are heavy and have an insulating feature. This makes it more comfortable during winter, you being protected from cold and still stylish is a plus. Some are also made with lightweight and breathable materials and this can be used during summer. Cargo pants do not have limitations as you can wear them with anything. You can wear them with t-shirts, casual shirts, casual boots, and shoes. We accept guest posts related to similar articles and you can also write for us.


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