How To Get Permanent Residency After Studying Abroad

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Are you a student who is unsure where to pursue your master’s degree? Curious about the most specific countries in Europe to obtain permanent residency? and interested in learning more about nations with simple immigration criteria but don’t know where to start? Have you been looking for public relations in Europe but haven’t found anything? The abroad education consultants in Gujarat recommend that you save time and effort by visiting the site as soon as possible to find out which nations are the easiest to immigrate to.

Work Permit for Students Post-study

A post-study work visa is when a student is allowed to stay after graduation or post-graduation to look for a job in his field of study. Obtaining a post-study work visa is governed by different rules in different countries. While some countries are more lenient in allowing international students to stay and work alongside locals after graduation, others are stricter in maintaining their job market integrity and can make life difficult for students by complicating and twisting the rules for obtaining a post-study work visa. The Best visa consultant makes the process simple for you.

Permit to Work After Study

International students should be aware that a work permit visa can only be requested by a business for their employees. When a student obtains a full-time job opportunity during his post-study work visa, his employer must file for the work permit.

As stated above the abroad education consultants, different nations have varying lengths of residence for post-study employment visas.

Countries that offer PR after studying


 It is a neighbor of the United States of America, and all of its neighbors appear to be happier than most countries. Though many people are unaware of Canada, you will be surprised to hear that it is more significant in the United States. Canada is a gorgeous country with some of the most delightful people on the globe. It is a country where you will find diverse nationalities, colors, races, religions, and religious statements. You can apply for permanent residency in Canada with the Canada student visa in Gujarat consultants under one of the following six categories:

  1. Immigration for Skilled Workers
  2. Immigrants in Business Class
  3. Nomination by the Province
  4. Immigrants from the family class
  5. Québec-Specific Immigration
  6. Adoption from another country


It is the home to some of the world’s most outstanding universities, with several of them ranked among the top in the world. Their research and technology initiatives are among the greatest in the world. Australia is also a popular tourism destination. It offers many stunning sites that will leave you stunned and make you want to return again and again. A non-citizen who has a permanent visa in Australia is known as a permanent resident. Permanent residents have the same rights and privileges as Australian citizens regarding living, working, and studying in Australia. You apply for GSM after completing your degree (General Skilled Migration). The Points Test, which awards points based on your skills, performance, and experience, is required for GSM acceptance. Keep the process simple with Australia student visa in Gujarat consultants.


It is endowed with an abundance of natural beauty. Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Living in Malaysia is like visiting magnificent landscapes and jungles daily, which you will never weary of. In addition to its exterior beauty, Malaysia has worked hard to improve its system, as it has a stable government with laws and regulations that ensure everyone’s safety, as well as one of the world’s most significant higher education systems.

New Zealand:

New Zealand aspires to boost its education sector by a certain percentage while simultaneously strengthening its economy. They are inviting as many immigrants as possible for this purpose. In recent years, they also eased the conditions for permanent residency, making it simpler to obtain a student visa and eventually permanent residence. Compared to Australia, the cost of education in New Zealand is also lower with New Zealand student visas in Gujarat consultants.


Even though it is a non-English speaking country, Germany has shown to be one of the top countries for higher education. Germany began English-taught programs to attract international students. Courses are taught in English by German university professors in English-taught programs. Germany is the best-ranked non-English-speaking country for higher education.


These are the hot destination of the students for study and post-work purposes. Every year, several formal events are held, all these countries invite people for study, work, and tourism purposes.