What Are The Causes Of High Blood Pressure And How To Diagnose It?

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High blood pressure, also called “Hypertension,” has affected many people worldwide. It is also known as a “silent killer” because sometimes you do not experience any symptoms of high blood pressure and get affected by them. As per blood pressure norms Hypertension becomes the reason for many health issues and affects the eyes, kidneys, brain, heart, and other vital organs.

Introduction To High Blood Pressure Norms

Almost every one in three adults is unaware of their high blood pressure problem because they do not feel any symptoms. If you detect that you have a problem with high blood pressure, you must work to control it.

That is why it is necessary to know about your Blood Pressure Norms’ and maintain them to have a healthy lifestyle. One important step is to know about the “causes for blood pressure” so let’s learn what causes high blood pressure and how you can avoid the things that cause high blood pressure.

Causes for High Blood Pressure

It is easy to fight against the causes for high blood pressure if you detect them on time. Below are the causes for high blood pressure that you must know to prevent unavoidable circumstances.


Smoking is one of the most common causes for blood pressure that has dangerous effects on health. Generally, smoking becomes the reason for the acute rise in blood pressure and heart rate and is directly associated with malignant hypertension, which is quite dangerous to health. If you smoke, your arteries narrow down, and blood pressure increases, causing stroke or heart attack.


Stress can also affect the normal blood pressure range and is the most well-known cause for high blood pressure. The body releases a surge of hormones when you go through stressful circumstances. This production of hormones increases the heartbeat and leads to various heart problems.

Excessive Intake of Salt In The Diet

A small amount of sodium is the need for everybody to function properly, but various heart problems can occur when you use too much salt in your diet. The excessive use of salt daily is counted as one of the causes for high blood pressure that further leads to stroke and heart disease.

Less Physical Activity

The lack of physical activities in your life does nothing but put your life in danger. Your blood pressure also increases when you do not perform any physical action. The blood pressure can also lower when you become more physically active. So, you must start any physical activity if you want to fight against the causes for high blood pressure.


Hypertension runs in families, such as individuals whose ancestors or parents have the problem of high blood pressure also have the same problem. The children are more at risk, especially if both parents are affected by hypertension. So genetics is also included in the causes for hypertension.


Obesity causes hypertension and becomes worse if you have severe obesity. It comes under the terms of primary hypertension that generate serious problems. Various complex changes occur in the body due to the fat tissues.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidneys are considered significant in regulating blood pressure ranges. The healthy kidneys can perform better, while the affected kidneys cannot perform effectively. So the blood pressure increases as a result. With increasing blood pressure and damaged kidneys, heart problems become worse.


Pregnancy can also increase the chances of high blood pressure, so women should care about themselves, especially during this period.

Excessive Consumption of Alcohol

An excessive amount of alcohol is another of prominent causes for high blood pressure. Drinking too much alcohol increases your blood pressure level and disrupts your healthy lifestyle. That is why you should not make alcohol a necessary part of your life. Instead, it would help if you work to reduce its intake to fight against hypertension.

Less Sleep

Not sleeping for adequate time increases the risk of high blood pressure and puts your life at risk. Insomnia also plays a major role in this regard. Poor sleeping habits and waking up late at night hurt your heart, cause inactivity, and increase stress. So try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours a day and maintain your sleeping habits.

Older Age

Older age is also counted as the cause of blood pressure. It is a significant issue that is more common in aged people, especially older adults. It happens because the vessels in the body of older adults change over time and cause arteries to suffer. Although this is a serious health issue, the chances of high blood pressure can decrease if people maintain healthy habits.

Family History

The blood pressure history of the family is a significant risk factor for increasing blood pressure levels. If any of your family members have the problem of high blood pressure, you also have the chance of the same situation in your life.

Adrenal or Thyroid Disorder

The blood pressure rises if the adrenal glands make too much cortisol, hormones, or aldosterone, similar to adrenaline. The underactive or overactive thyroid glands also cause an increase in blood pressure.

What Problems Can Be Caused By High Blood Pressure

Arise If You Don’t Follow High Blood Pressure Norms

Various issues can be caused by high blood pressure because the pressure on the walls of the arteries can affect the body’s organs and blood vessels. A few High Blood Pressure Norms are enlisted in a few of the problems that can be caused by high blood pressure.

Heart Failure

Your heart needs to work harder when you experience high blood pressure, and the walls of the heart’s pumping chamber get thickened. The resulting situation is called “ventricular hypertrophy,” as the heart cannot pump sufficiently to fulfill the needs of the body, and as a result, heart failure is caused.

Memory Problem

High blood pressure directly affects memory, and with uncontrolled blood pressure, your ability to think properly may also reduce.

Eye Problem

Eyes can also become the victim of high blood pressure and get narrowed or thickened. High blood pressure can also tear the blood vessels, leading to the loss of vision.

Heart Attack

Heart attack is a commonly caused factor due to high blood pressure. This problem can also lead to the chances of stroke.

Metabolic Syndrome

The metabolism disorder in the body is called metabolic syndrome, in which an irregular breakdown of sugar happens. Further, it can increase the chances of high sugar levels and diabetes.

Kidney Problem

Your kidneys may also damage due to the problem of hypertension as they become weak and cannot function properly.


High blood pressure can cause dementia as it blocks or narrows the arteries that cannot function properly to transfer adequate blood to the brain, resulting in vascular dementia.

How Can I Diagnose High Blood Pressure

The diagnosis of high blood pressure and uncontrolled high blood pressure is necessary because it can put your life in danger and threaten your life. Diagnosing high blood pressure is quite simple, as it can be done by taking blood pressure readings daily or making a chart of blood pressure readings.

For example, if you go and visit the doctor and your blood pressure is elevated, the doctor may ask you to keep the recordings of your blood pressure numbers for a few days. If the blood pressure is elevated for many days, you suffer from hypertension. Blood pressure readings keep changing throughout the day, so you must check your blood pressure simultaneously each day as per the standard high blood pressure norms.

Final words

You are blessed if your blood pressure ranges are normal because the disruption in the blood flow can cause various problems. There are many causes of blood pressure. The most common causes include smoking, stress, disturbed sleeping patterns, excessive intake of salt in the diet, excessive use of alcohol, and many others. You must take proper medication and develop healthy habits to get rid of the problem of high blood pressure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, sleeping properly, and eating healthy foods are beneficial to reduce the chances of high blood pressure.