How to Magnify the Impact of Small Counter Display Boxes

small counter display boxes

Counter boxes are mainly used for small items that are placed on counters so that they are easy to spot for the customers. Mostly items like candies and small products such as jewelry items, stationery items, and all other sorts of small products are placed onto the counters for displaying. This helps the customers to be free from the struggle of trying and finding the items they need to have. This way it is also convenient for the shop keepers to keep the check of these items and to arrange them whenever required. Small counter display boxes are used for such products and their storage. These boxes as the name suggest having a display window cut design in them. This makes it easier for the customer to examine the product, see its features and specification, and then decide whether it is worth purchasing or not. These boxes also do effective marketing.

Display boxes can be made using a variety of materials as well. Mostly these are created using Kraft material as well as cardboard. Counter display boxes majorly showcase the products and make them grab the attention of customers. Since the items and products that are small need special attention because they are not easily noticeable. This is why display boxes placed on counters can make them worth the attention and this can thus contribute to the purchasing of that product. Small counter display packaging boxes are not product-specific at all and also offer many benefits to the businesses that deal in small items and products. Even smaller items need promotion and marketing, it is necessary for their success and to increase their demand. This is the reason for choosing custom packaging boxes that can deal with this matter effectively.


There are many important aspects of these boxes as well. Some of the things that you should know about these counter boxes are stated below:

Material options:

Choosing the right type of box for your boxes is also an important aspect. If the packaging box is made up of poor quality material, it will lose its impact and possible influence. Nobody likes a badly packed box. If you really want to make your beloved customers happy with your services as a potential brand, then you should pay attention to the type of box that you are using for your product packaging. Choosing a larger box for a rather small item is a bad idea. Because at first sight, it can fill the other person’s mind with bigger expectations. On seeing a small item, they can get disappointed. This is why it is most suitable to choose small boxes with window cut displays for smaller items. These boxes can exhibit the products in all their glory to the customers.

Designs and Props:

You can choose a variety of design ideas to adorn these little packaging boxes. Display windows in themselves are a thoughtful design, but other things can also be done. Either go for intricately made packaging boxes or simple and minimalistic ones. It all depends upon the type of product you are dealing in. If you think your customers will like your product in bold and vibrant display boxes then choose those, but if minimal boxes made up of Kraft paper complement your packaging then go for those.

Since we are talking about small counter display boxes, there is no need to make their impact small also. You can creatively present your products to your valued customers. Be thoughtful and creative. Invest in perfect presentation ideas that complement your packaging as well. This will not only make your customers feel special, but this extra touch will fill them with happiness and contentment for sure.

Increase the Awareness of Products and The Brand:

The counter displays can prove to be more interactive, as customers even when paying for some other item, examine and observe the items placed in these boxes. A good retail display can effectively increase the value of the product as well as of the brand itself. This can ultimately make an impact on the performance of the brand and make its survival and longevity in the market a surety. A customized counter display box can also help a brand in creating an unneglectable appeal for the buyers. These boxes can highlight the features of the boxes and make them much more desirable.