How Effective Is Microneedling Aftercare For Acne Scars?

microneedling aftercare

Microneedling aftercare is needed after going through microneedling treatments. Microneedling is needed by those that have acne scars.

Normally, acne scars sometimes improve without any treatment. But they can be permanent if care is not taken. While it’s true that an anti-aging cream and serum can improve the scars, they can’t totally clear the scars.

In fact, after a while, the results wear off when you don’t use these products again.

Meanwhile, acne is a popular skin problem for thousands of people. Some have had it from their teenage years till they became adults. When the acne goes away, there is a possibility that lots of them will have acne scars.

Acne scars from acne are a common phenomenon, so dermatologists have developed several treatment options for patients. Some are effective, like microneedling, while some are not as effective.

Microneedling And Microneedling Aftercare

Microneedling is a treatment procedure of using tiny needles on the skin to repair damaged skin. A dermatologist will prick the skin so that extra collagen will form. In this way, the collagen will heal the wounds you got from the treatment. It also smooths out rough skin and removes scars.

How Does Acne Develop?

People get acne when their pores have bacteria, oil, and dirt. These cause the face to have lesions, blemishes, and bumps. When the acne blemish swells up, follicle walls have breaks, which create acne scars. A small break leads to a shallow scar that easily heals. While a big break damages facial tissues which makes the scar deep. The skin naturally tries to repair skin breaks, but the process doesn’t produce successful results. This is why acne scars appear.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

Dermatologists have said that micro needling is more effective on acne scars that are depressed on the face. The reason is that it will quickly and effectively induce collagen on the skin. But for acne scars that are raised, there is already an excessive production of natural collagen on the face. Skin problem researchers have stated that microneedling on the skin works better if you combine the procedure with PRP or Vitamin C.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Yes, microneedling is safer, especially for those with dark skin, than other corrective procedures on the skin. Microneedling will not peel off your skin or damage it. Similarly, it’s a safe procedure and good for those whose skin is not thick and those with ultra-sensitive skin.

Furthermore, does microneedling hurt? Yes, it does hurt a little.

Does Microneedling Aftercare Have Side Effects?

There are no treatments without side effects because we have different body types. Dermatologists warned that if you don’t prepare well for the procedure, other issues may crop up. For instance, if you stay under the hot sun for too long, it’ll cause skin irritation. This in turn will make the skin more inflamed. However, the side effects of microneedling are normally minor.

They include:

  • Your skin might be inflamed
  • Your skin might bruise
  • Acne breakouts
  • Your skin might become red

But don’t worry, any side effects shown on your skin will go away after some days.

In addition, there are things you can do beforehand to minimize the side effects. Drink lots of water 24 hours before you go for the procedure. Also, drink lots of water a few hours before you are called in to start the procedure. It’ll lessen any skin bruise and inflammation. Don’t use makeup when it’s time to do the procedure.

Microneedling Skin Care After the Treatment

If your skin has been microneedled, don’t be exposed to direct sunlight for some days. Don’t work out rigorously, either. Stay away from the skincare that has alcohol and exfoliating products. Don’t pick nor scratch your face to avoid more skin problems.

Recovery Rate

Microneedling itself is quick, and the recovery rate is fast. Most people resume work 24 hours after the procedure. However, the recovery period differs from person to person.

Is Microneedling Expensive?

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

Microneedling for acne scars can sometimes be expensive with no insurance coverage. The reason for the lack of insurance coverage is that microneedling is categorized under aesthetic care. It is also deemed not to be a necessary medical treatment.

Nobody really knows how much it costs because this will be determined by your dermatologist. It is also determined by the area you live in. Here’s an example. If you live in expensive areas, medical care will certainly be expensive compared to those living in cheaper neighborhoods. But it is estimated that you may spend up to 300 dollars for an average session. For two or more sessions, then you’ll be paying 300 dollars for each session.

People who don’t want to spend such an amount opt for home treatment kits that are around 100 dollars. However, the result of using a home kit is different from going to a dermatologist. This is because home kits are less effective. You might even end up wasting your money without seeing any result.

Moreover, mild acne scars need three or more sessions, so don’t go for home kit treatment. Those who are severely scarred need extra sessions to remove the scars. After each session, your doctor will tell you to wait for some weeks before you go for another session. The waiting period will heal your skin. Microneedling results will show after you are done with all your sessions.

So, you can see that the money spent by going to a dermatologist is worth it.

To save costs, ask if there are discounts or payment plans to choose from.


Dermatologists don’t usually advise people to go for microneedling if the person currently has acne breakouts. Furthermore, those with other skin conditions are advised to steer clear of microneedling. Otherwise, the skin condition will worsen. Also, if you scar easily, consult your healthcare practitioner before you micro needle your skin. If you go ahead without consultation, you will increase the scars.

On a final note, those that have undergone radiation treatments or pregnant women are exempted from microneedling.

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