The 5 Best-Kept Secrets In European Travel

secrets in European travel

Just the name of Europe would get you to start imagining a long and exciting vacation. The beautiful countries, different cultures, and experiences are enough reasons for everyone to go there at least once. You need to do it too if you want to see all that and experience a lifestyle different from your own. However, the famous spits would often be full of tourist crowds. Europe is among the top famous destinations of the world for travel and sightseeing. It is at the top of the travel lists for several people. So, you should expect large crowds when you’re there in any of the famous cities.

However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a secluded or offbeat trip here. There is something fun and exciting suiting everyone’s needs here. You love a spot full of people enjoying it; it’s here. If you are more inclined towards a calm and peaceful vacation, you can get that here too. It all depends on your itinerary and the spots you choose to see. Also, it isn’t necessary that you have to compromise on the beautiful sites to achieve this. Selecting the perfect location would be a whole package that would give you all this in a single place. For example, taking up Direct flights to Poland from USA is an excellent way to explore the site. Poland is relatively less known, and you can explore the place for beauty. It will be excellent if you wish for an extended stay amidst an offbeat location. However, finding such perfect locations that give you all your favorite activities and a lesser crowd isn’t easy. Due to the place’s popularity, you would have to spend some time and research for those hidden gems. Well, there’s another way of skipping that trouble too, keep reading. We are offering here the list of the five best-kept secret spots in Europe:


You must have had some trouble reading that name. Well, you wouldn’t have any trouble seeing the beauty and charm of this city in Slovenia. It’s the capital city here, offering well-connected facilities and all the other modern amenities. However, it still retains the allure of the green and small town. This is why you need to see this place when you’re in Europe. The majority of tourists often overlook this gem here, which makes it the perfect starting point for a hidden gem exploration in Europe.

You would fund calm here with the lush greenery and beautiful gardens. It is a great destination for your honeymoon detour and spending time with your partner. Also, it would be easier in your pockets as not many people visit this place. You should stay here for a minimum of two days to explore it and soak in all the beauty.


Many people often miss out on the towns and spots in Romania when planning for their European vacation. This is why the hidden gems are the best places to explore a country’s authentic culture and landscape. Brasov should be on your list if you want a small-town, European getaway for a few days. You can even take your kids to the famous Dracula’s castle here if they are into those things. It would be an excellent field day full of quality time with your family. Many other travel lovers regard Romania as an underrated destination. The castles, architecture, and natural beauty should be enough reason for any person to visit here and get in on the fun.


If you wish for a historical detour coupled with fascinating architecture, Kyiv is the spot. This capital city of Ukraine isn’t that much hidden but definitely worth travel. Many people forget to explore its rich history. Kyiv was the forefront city in several revolutions and historical moments, making it the perfect choice for your trip.

If you love exploring the culture and roots of a place, you need to stay here for a few days. Go to the central buildings and dive into their history. Read up behind their reasons and famous moments too. You can also opt for a guide that would tell you about all these things, and you would only have to explore this exciting city.


Greeve needs to be on your plan if you’re visiting Europe. You just can’t miss out on this alluring place when in Europe. It is so famous for a reason, the unmatchable beauty, and the peace. However, the famous islands here can be pretty crowded, especially during the high-rush season. You would have to deal with crowds and might even face difficulty finding good lodging options at a reasonable price.

However, Skopelos comes to play here. It is s relatively quiet yet exciting island in Greece. You need to definitely add this location to your itinerary and spend a few days here. Also, there couldn’t be a better spot for spending a few days here with your partner. Just book a comfortable lodging, lounge, and enjoy the views. You should interact with the locals here too and see how they live. Also, don’t forget to dive into the local cuisine and taste everything.


A beautiful capital city, Riga, takes over the last spot on this list. This city of Latvia is another hidden gem that would leave you wondering why you didn’t visit here before. It is full of art, intricate architecture, history, and even festivals. You should choose a time during the midsummer festivals or even during Christmas. You’ll see the city in all the feels and experience a whole new culture.

Also, this capital city has a load of historical moments with it too. From its founding to the independence, you can discover what it was like several years before now.

These are the best five hidden gems every travel enthusiast needs to visit in Europe. You’ll then place in an entirely different view than visiting the famous spots only. Also, you can check any of them out after your visit to your favorite ones. So, grab those Direct flights to Rome from US and get started now.