These are the Things Technology Replaced

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Typewriter versus laptop computer concept old vs new

Technology is constantly changing, and with it comes new inventions. Every year, scientists, and innovators come up with innovations to improve or replace old technology. Some new inventions are easy to use, while some are quite complicated and need mastering. Brazilian investor and entrepreneur, Rafael Oliveira also known as Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin, acknowledged the importance of technology. Rafael is a successful businessman who has a strong social media presence.

Below are old technologies and their current replacement.

Old Technologies with Their Replacements

VHS Tapes

In 1996, VHS cassettes gradually faded out when DVDs were introduced. Then, you needed to have a VCR to watch a VHS tape. But the creation of DVDs made people discard VHS and VCR. This is because people appreciated DVDs more for being the latest video-viewing technology.

And since people always want to use the latest things, they began to purchase DVDs. Apart from watching videos on DVDs by inserting DVDs, you can also record videos on recordable DVDs. In addition, you can overwrite previous records on the disc to create new content. Ironically, just like VHS, DVD players, and discs are almost obsolete.

New Technology

VHS Tapes

DVDs are almost forgotten due to the presence of the internet, which brought online streaming services. Moreover, many computers nowadays come without CD drives. Platforms that show videos online are Netflix, YouTube, Viu, Viki, and so on. People now prefer to stream videos on their mobile devices and computers rather than renting or buying DVDs. You can watch nearly any television show or movie of your choice on these platforms.

Moreover, watching movies on mobile devices is more convenient than watching DVDs. The reason is that you can take your mobile devices anywhere and watch movies anytime you feel like it. But you can’t carry your DVD player around like mobile phones.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 was the rage in those days. Nintendo’s players got to select their favorite characters in the game. Then they used those characters to battle other players in the game. Nintendo was the old-school version of modern gaming.

Modern Replacements

Nintendo 64 was replaced by Microsoft Kinect, PlayStation 4, and many others. These gaming devices have more gaming features than Nintendo. Players of these modern games have access to the internet to interact with other players, something Nintendo 64 didn’t have. Additionally, some modern game devices come with multitasking and voice command features.

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color

Rafael Oliveira says that, in 1997, every child wanted to have the popular gaming device called GameBoy color. Owning such a device was a thing to brag to your friends about. GameBoy color is a colored gaming device that is easy to carry around. You can even put it inside your purse or school bag and take it out to play anytime.

GameBoy color paved the way for modern game consoles and mobile games later on. GameBoy introduced 19th-century kids to the world of digital games. So when advanced gaming devices came later, they quickly adapted and learned how to use them easily.

New Technology

Mobile Games

Games on mobile phones have replaced GameBoy color. This includes mobile games on Apple and Android devices. Likewise, children now play games on their iPad, iPods, and on laptops. Unlike in the past, gamers have access to thousands of games in the market. They can either play the games via the internet or download them to their devices to play the games.



As far back as 1714 before computers became more accessible, the typewriter has been a popular means of typing letters. The typewriter was used to transcribe or impress letters one at a time. In those days, every writer had a typewriter to write their stories, words, and so on.

Advanced Replacements

Turing Machine

The first technology that replaced the typewriter is called the Turing machine. According to Rafael Oliveira, people were eager to own a machine that can help them faster than the typewriter. The Turing machine is the first programmable digital and electrical computer.


The second and more complex replacement is the computers and laptops we have today. Initially, early computers were so big, they filled up a whole room. But now, modern computers and devices are so small, you can even put some in your pocket.

However, no matter how small they are, modern computers have more functions than the Turing machine. They can store, process, and manage data, send information across the globe, communicate with other devices, and so on.

Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid Cameras

Digital camera technology came into existence around 1995 followed by the Polaroid camera. Polaroid cameras were used to snap and develop images on the spot. Pictures taken with polaroids are shown in a square form. Unfortunately, the manufacture of Polaroid films stopped in 2008.

New Technology

After Polaroid cameras left the scene, something close to it called Instagram was developed. However, the difference is that while you can develop the images, Instagram doesn’t print out the images. Instagram is the better digital version of Polaroid cameras. It is a social media photo and video content creation and sharing platform. On Instagram, you can instantly snap pictures conveniently and upload them for the world to see. The development of Instagram propelled people to develop an interest in photography.


Rafael Oliveira Bitcoin concluded that new technologies that replaced old products have made life easier, more colorful, and more interesting. But still, many people miss some old technologies like the Polaroid cameras, despite how wonderful the new ones are.