How to create an on-demand app to hire the services of a plumber?

plumbing services app

Hey, are you tired of pondering over the perfect business idea? Here, this blog has got you a clear explanation of the on-demand plumbing services business. If you are open to this idea, then take a look at this blog without missing a single phrase. 

Do on-demand plumbing services have the edge over traditional plumbing services?

Availing online services has almost become the norm among people, as it multiplies convenience. At the comfort of the app, users can book the plumber and even know the time of arrival. Whereas, availing services from a neighborhood plumber is often troublesome as the plumber may not mark their presence on time. There are so many aspects in which the on-demand plumbing services gain an edge over the traditional plumbing services.

With this comparison, let us narrow this topic down to study the advantages you can provide your users with an on-demand plumbing services app.

  • Efficient in every aspect

In general, users can achieve the height of efficiency if they opt for on-demand services. Because on-demand services provide efficiency, the number of on-demand services is rapidly increasing. Alright! 

Here, if users avail of the plumbing services online, the plumber will reach out to the user within the mentioned timings. Hence, it is time-efficient. Next, booking an on-demand plumber is easier than hiring a neighborhood plumber. Hence, their work can be accomplished without any delays. On the whole, efficiency is the major benefit your users can reap from your services.

  • Know the experience and expertise of the plumbers

In general, while hiring workers, it would be great if we analyze their expertise so that we can ensure that our work will be done without any flaws. In this regard, the plumbing services app will help users to view the profile of different plumbers. Through the plumber’s profile, users can get to know their expertise and experience in this field. In addition, users can also take a look at the ratings and reviews given by other users, which will be an added advantage.

  • Know the time of arrival in advance

On-demand apps offer transparency by letting users know the arrival time of the plumber in advance. To be precise, the app will be integrated with the tracking software, which will help users identify the location of the plumber in real-time. The moment the user receives the confirmation from the app, the app will enable the tracker, thereby letting users track the plumber.

  • Easy to make payments

Being an online services app, you must add payment options of different categories like COD, cards, Stripe, PayPal, GPay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc. Depending on the convenience of the users, they can opt for a payment option. Hence, users can make their payments for the plumbing services easily via the app.

  • Leave feedback

Users can leave their feedback on the app once they avail themselves of the plumbing services. Reviews will encourage the plumbers to perform well and also helps other users to know the services of the plumbers. 

So, we are done with walking through the advantages of availing the plumbing services through on-demand apps. Now, it is time to unearth the benefits that you can reap by starting the on-demand plumbing services business.

How can you benefit from the on-demand plumbing services app?

As much as the number of on-demand services has increased, the dependency of users on these services has also increased. You may think that food delivery and grocery delivery are the popular on-demand services that pull users. Then I’m afraid you are wrong. For your information, on-demand home services are one of the most popular on-demand services among users. Let me add fact to this statement by coming up with some stats.

  • All over the world, the market size of on-demand home services is predicted to grow 18.9%/yr during the period of 2019-2026.
  • As of the year 2019, Google recorded 288% of searches that stated “ Plumber near me.”
  • Nearly 94% of people who searched online for plumbing services found a plumber online and availed themselves of the service.

So, these stats will be convincing to start your on-demand plumbing services app. Now, let us move on to know the actual benefits of on-demand services business through a perfect app.

  • Streamline the routine tasks

With the app, you can automate the matching of services to the corresponding plumbers. This will help you in saving time, and you can shed focus on promoting your business. Also, if a particular plumber is not available, then the app will pass on the service to the nearest yet available plumber. On the whole, the services will be streamlined.

  • Easy to track payments

With the aid of an app, you can verify the transactions easily. Whenever a transaction is made on your app, you will get notifications regarding the same and will also be able to check whether the payment is successful or not. 

  • Easy to promote

Marketing your business will become easy if you develop the on-demand plumbing services app. To date, some of the best marketing practices are providing offers and referral points. Through the app’s reward points generator, you can easily provide referral points to users who make a successful attempt to bring in users.

  • Easy to collect users’ data

You cannot reap success overnight. Agree? Constantly working on the users’ preferences is the key to reaping success. For that, you need to collect the users’ data on a regular basis. Through the analytics tool integrated with the app, you can know the users’ actions. For example, the time in which they request the service, frequency of app usage, mode of payment, etc. All these data points will be beneficial to improve your business.

Elements of the on-demand plumbing services app

  • The User app
  • The Plumber app
  • The Admin panel

Final thoughts

From this blog, you will be able to know the scope of the on-demand plumbing services business. Instead of opting for custom app development, you can go for clone app development, which will be cost-effective. All the best!