Patchwork Tattoos – An Overview, Ideas, & More

patchwork tattoos sleeve ideas

Are you a big tattoo fan? Thinking to get your body part inked? Looking for unique tattoo ideas on the internet? If yes, getting patchwork tattoos are an excellent way to give your body a unique makeover. From making you look attractive to boosting confidence, and reducing stress, getting a tattoo offers a whole host of benefits. That’s not all!

Keep reading the blog to know all about patchwork tattoos in detail.

An Overview Of Patchwork Tattoos

When it comes to getting your body inked, there are a lot of ways to fill your body with art. Some prefer small tattoos while some like giant tattoos as large as your back. There are also some who prefer patchwork tattoos. But what are these actually?

Well, to people’s knowledge, a patchwork tattoo isn’t any particular type of design of the tattoo. It is actually a way to place the collection of tattoos. In other words, patchwork tattoos are a collection of small or medium-sized tattoos clubbed together with a tiny empty space between them. Further, the collection of tattoos is arranged in such a way that they don’t touch each other and create a type of “patchwork tattoo sleeve”.

In such designs, each tattoo looks like a sticker or a patch glued to your body. Over the last few years, patchwork tattoos have grown in demand and rage. Everyone from rappers to celebrities, and singers, are getting this tattoo inked on their bodies.

patchwork tattoos sleeve

Why Choose A Patchwork Sleeve Tattoo?

Not everyone starts with the idea of getting a patchwork sleeve tattoo inked. They just get a few small tattoos inked on the body and later notice that there is enough empty space between tattoos that sometimes looks odd.

Patchwork tattoos give you more flexibility to choose the best designs from a pool of options. This means you need not waste time and energy in deciding on the whole sleeve tattoo ahead of time.

What To Do With The Empty Space Between Patchwork Tattoos?

Many people like to keep the space between patchwork tattoos empty. However, if you wish to fill the empty space, opt for something that doesn’t clash with your other tattoos.

Some people prefer to fill the empty space with a misty, smoky effect. You can choose any color, depending on what goes best with your other tattoos.

You can also choose to fill the area with small designs and patterns like a spider web, stars, or wheels.

Patchwork Tattoo Ideas To Try

Whether men or women, these tattoos look good on any tattoo lover. Some of the patchwork tattoo ideas you can try are listed below.

Leg Tattoos

Your legs offer endless possibilities to engrave a collection of small or medium tattoo designs. They act like a perfect blank canvas and offer more space unlike any other body part to ink anything from bold patterns to delicate designs.

For instance, you can prefer a leg sleeve tattoo on the thigh or calf.

Torso Tattoos

When it comes to choosing designs for patchwork tattoos, there are infinite options. It is quite evident that patchwork tattoos are aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching. This is because over time they widely grow over your body and there is no limit to how far they can extend.

For instance, a patchwork sleeve can reach other body parts like the stomach, neck, or chest to name a few.

The best thing about these tattoos is that they are gender biased and don’t even carry feminine or masculine vibes. They just reflect the weaver’s personality and identity while growing up.

Patchwork tattoos for men can actually work for women too.

patchwork tattoos sleeve idea

Stylized Patchwork Tattoos

Are you someone who doesn’t like the mismatched pattern of a patchwork tattoo but prefers the design method? If yes, why not get the best of both worlds? It is easy and simple to create a sense of cohesion with such tattoos.

You can either opt for an art style that brings small tattoos altogether or look for an experienced artist to help you in that case.

The most suitable idea to know which style works best for you is by deciding on a shading method, line weight, and design. This will surely help you bring every small tattoo altogether into one large design.

Tattoos With Large Patches

Getting a patchwork tattoo is all about personalization. In most cases, these tattoos are made up of tiny to medium patterns. However, there is not any hard and fast rule. You can also get a tattoo made of larger patches.

This offers more space for tattoo artist to showcase their skills while still allowing the clients to customize their tattoos as per their choice.

Closing Words

That’s all about patchwork tattoos. However, after getting your body inked, make sure to follow a few aftercare tips like staying hydrated, avoiding hard exercise, and applying coconut oil.