Co-parenting With A Nest Nanny and Babysitter

nanny babysitter with a kid

In our fast-paced life we need to keep up with a lot of things; work, home, bills, society, and our kids of course. Neither of these things can be left behind but the kids are a different story. You need to check up on them every minute or else who knows what havoc they are causing right under your noses. You might get all the other things under your control but kids, move way too fast. They need to be kept under observation at all costs and that’s what we’re here for. The nanny’s nest will help you with your kids so you can handle everything else; with our best nanny babysitter. They will step in when you feel like stepping out.

Building a relationship with the nannies

Nannies aren’t just your child’s caretakers, they’re a big part of their lives because they don’t only clean, feed, or tutor them, they make sure they’re always there for your kids when they need them; just like you would. They aren’t nannies; they’re fairy godparents or more realistically, co-parents to your kids and it’s important to build a relationship with them.

Discuss your kids’ progress with them

Make sure you keep your kid’s progress in check. Nannies are around your kids almost all the time and do a good job at keeping your kids progressive and are quite vigilant too, but still, they don’t know your kids like you. Talk to them and see if something about your kids concerns them and are struggling with it. Make sure you have a good enough connection with them so they don’t feel hesitant to ask something.

Get to know them

Why does it matter if you get to know them or not, right? They’re just there to take care of your kids, right? Well yes, but getting to know them will ease you to each other. After all shouldn’t you know more about the person that takes such good of your kids? Building a friendship with them will also build a mutual understanding among you and you can have each other’s back if need may be. 

Respect them

For everything they do for you and your kids, they need to be appreciated and deserve a lot of respect for it. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate them, though nannies are very smart and passionate, they don’t get much recognition for it and that fizzles out their enthusiasm. Respect them just as much they respect you, and most importantly make sure your child respects them. The nanny nest is the best agency based in Illinois, USA.

Give them some rest

We all know how much exhausting it is to look after a kid. Taking care of both, their never-ending necessities and demands, and apart from that, keep on top of the other housework and chores. It’s a mystery how they don’t pull out their hair from frustration but it is no secret they’re tired yet quietly keep on with their responsibilities. If possible give them a day off or ask your kids to let them get some rest or not bother them and have some time to themselves.

Make them comfortable

Nanny and babysitter spend a lot of time away from their home to take care of your kids; where they don’t have any essentials they might need. Ask them if there is something they need that you don’t have in your house or is there anything that’ll make them feel more at home. The more comfortable they are the less reluctant they’ll be to spend time their especially if you’re ever late and need them to stay longer.