Brandi Worley: A Depressed Mother Who Killed Her Two Kids

brandi worley and his children

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues affecting thousands and thousands of people every year. Depression can take a big toll on both your mental and physical well-being. However, in case of severe depression, people may lose their ability to think and function well. For Indiana resident Brandi Worley, a depressed mother of two kids, this was exactly the case.

It was in the year 2016 when Brandi Worley was arrested for brutally killing her two young kids, 7-year-old Tyler Worley and 3-year-old Charlee Worley. After stabbing her kids to death, Brandi tried to end her own life however she was saved. If reports are to be believed, she was a serious patient of anxiety and depression because of which she could not control her behavior and killed her two little kids. She committed the crime in 2016 however she became a hot topic of discussion and has been in the news because of her recent release from prison.

The tragic and horrific story of a mother who killed her two kids shocked the entire nation. But that’s not all! There is a lot more to the story than just the tragedy of murder.

Keep reading the blog to know what actually happened and how a loving mother turned into a murderer.

Why Brandi Worley Murdered Her Two Children?

Brandi Worley was a loving and great mother who loved spending time with her both kids. Her house was the perfect place to hear bouts of laughter and fun. Both her kids were energetic, vibrant, and happy. Apart from being a mother, she was an active member of her community. However, the happiness was not long-lasting.

On November 17, 2016, 33-year-old Brandi Worley murdered her two kids, Tyler and Charlee. But why did she do it?

A day before the tragic incident took place, Brandi’s husband Jason Worley had filed for divorce as he caught his wife cheating on him.

Jason wanted divorce however for the sake of their children, the duo decided to talk and give them another chance at their relationship. But when Jason suspected Brandi of cheating on him, he decided to file a divorce. To prevent her husband from taking her kids away, Brandi decided to kill her kids.

What Actually Happened On The Tragic Day?

On the day of the tragic incident, the family went to attend a dance performance of their daughter, Charlee.

Despite the fact that Brandi and Jason had filed for divorce the previous day, everything seemed to be normal like other days. Everything was going normal until Brandi said that she had to visit Walmart to buy pipe cleaners for her son’s project.

Brandi Worley somehow asked Charlee to get into Tyler’s room, where she had hidden the knife she had bought. Firstly she stabbed Tyler’s neck until he died. Due to the sudden noise, Charlee woke up from her sleep and Brandi asked her to get back to sleep.

After killing Tyler, Brandi grabbed Charlee and stabbed her with a knife too.

Where Is Brandi Worley Now?

When asked in court the reason to murder her two little kids, Brandi opted to stay silent. It was quite relevant that she didn’t have any regrets for her actions.

However, she proved guilty and was sentenced to jail for 65 years for her daughter’s murder and 55 years for her son’s murder.

It was in March 2019 when she was sent to the Indiana Jail for Women for a life sentence after spending time in a correctional center.

Where Is Brandi Worley’s Husband?

After the court trial, Brandi’s ex-husband Jason Worley tried to maintain a low profile and stayed away from media light. However, he uploaded a few updates on Reddit. In his last post after Brandi’s conviction, he explained his sufferings after the death of his two kids. The grief turned him alcoholic and developed suicidal thoughts. He even lost his job. However, eventually, he came back on track with life with the assistance of his family. He got a new job.

Final Words

Whether man or woman, everyone has a trigger point that can result in life-changing good or bad decisions. As far as Brandi Worley is concerned, she was a victim of depression and anxiety that made her a criminal.

She was tensed because of the fact that her husband was seeking custody of their kids. Due to this, she took her kids’ lives and even tried to end her life too.

Brandi Worley’s story is really tragic.

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