Another Person Claims To Have Been Defrauded By Carrie Heminger


ST. JAMES CITY — A woman that many people have called a scam artist is now about to be sued again.

A man in St. James City tells us Carrie Leigh Heminger agreed to redesign the entire inside of his house, but never finished the work. This is just the latest person to call and tell us of problems with one of Heminger’s businesses.

Brian Bland tells us, when he bought his home in St. James City, he hired Heminger to re-do the inside, but it quickly became a nightmare.

“Every single thing she touched is not finished, or messed up terribly,” said Bland.

Bland tells us he hired Heminger to do the work all the way back in May, but now more than half a year later, the work still hasn’t been done, and he says 90% of the money has already been paid.

Bland took videos of the unfinished work, showing cracked glass and unpainted surfaces.

“She promised my daughter. She’s 8 years old. She’s standing there showing her pictures of this bed saying I’m going to build you honey a princess bed. You promised me lights, there’s no lights. You promised me trim, we have raw, rough edges,” said Bland.

Bland is far from the first person to claim Heminger ripped him off. In fact, his attorney Todd Allen has already brought other cases against her.

“This will probably be my fourth lawsuit against somebody directly related to her actions as an interior designer or as a contractor,” said Allen.

There’s even a private Facebook group with more than 70 people who claim to have been victimized by her. We talked with Jared McGroarty, who founded the page.

“I’ve got people from Texas, I’ve got people from Georgia, I’ve got people all over this country that have had run-ins with Carrie that have been scammed by her,” said McGroarty.

Bland said he’s just the latest, but he hopes this can someday be brought to an end.

“The police department needs to do their job, get out there and investigate this, and put this lady away,” said Bland.

We did get in touch with Heminger, and she had us speak with her attorney Gary de Pury. He said Heminger is being falsely accused, and he said she plans to fight the accusations in the court and not in the media.