Parts of Thesis Statement You Must Know Before Writing It

A person writing on a piece of paper for his thesis statement

A thesis statement summarises your thesis article topic in two lines. It may be an answer to the question or solution to the problem of the thesis title. Some of these statements offer the readers an understanding of your topic, so they must be interesting to engage readers’ attention. It expresses the main ideas of your article. If it is not practical, the university professor won’t read your thesis or may not accept your thesis paper. Ensure that it should be a compelling statement for the audience. The thesis paper is the last step for you to complete your graduation. If you have done your dissertation paper on time, you will be able to achieve your final semester results.

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Importance of Thesis Statement:

The statement for your thesis tells the main idea on which you build your thesis and its research. This statement is not the topic itself, but it specifies the main idea of your dissertation. When you have to write about a given topic, you first have to introduce your topic. At the end of the introduction paragraph, you add the thesis statement. It is not the conclusion of your research topic. It just explains in two lines the flow of your paper.

Use effective and engaging sentences to show how well you organized the workflow. It has the following purpose:

  • It describes the purpose of the dissertation.
  • Establishes the position of the researcher.
  • It explains what the researcher will write on the subject.
  • It is the pivot point of your thesis.

By reading this, readers can get an idea of what you will explain in your paper. In short, we can say that all your thesis research depends on this statement. The paper is all about expanding this statement.

Parts of Thesis Statement:

Here we list the parts of the thesis statement and show you why they are necessary to keep in mind.

1. Subject:

Here you tell the audience about the topic of your thesis paper. After reading the statement, readers can get an idea of your thesis paper.

2. Main Idea:

After telling the topic, give your opinion in this to the audience in one or two lines. It should be a compelling statement to attract the audience’s attention to your paper.

Strategies to Develop a Strong, Clear Thesis Statement:

Now let’s discuss the essential tips for writing a statement in your introduction.

1.    Specify the Main Topic:

A thesis statement defines the specification of your topic and why it will be relevant to the readers. In the introduction paragraph, you describe the problem and then provide the solution to it. The solution will not be more than two lines. Let’s see an example:

“Supporting women to take part in politics”. It is a broad topic.

In the thesis statement, you will tell all about your opinion on how women can participate in politics. This opinion must be engaging so the viewers will want to read more about it.

2.    Clear-cut Statement:

A thesis statement must be clear-cut enough to allow the audience to stay focused on your topic. First, make yourself sure of what you will tell the audience. Is your opinion adequate among the audience? Make sure you create a new idea.

For example:

Women should take part in politics to support future candidates.

3.    The point you are trying to make:

A thesis statement must present a specific argument. It is a legitimate or descriptive statement. A thesis contains the point of view of the writer. This point can be actual and proved by supportive evidence in the body of the paper. Your statement must be accurate and effective.

4.    The credibility of your claim:

Any claim you make in your thesis, you must be able to prove it with relevant research. In other words, your opinion must be credible. Research it and provide reasons that support your idea.

5.    Be Confident with Your Thesis Statement:

It would be best if you were confident with your statement. Don’t copy another researcher’s opinion. Provide new ideas by providing evidence. Try to avoid using the words as I do, believe, etc. This show that you are unclear about your suggestion. Instead, write, “According to the research conducted, the products have certain impacts.”

6.    Be Concise:

Make your arguments and talk about the topic concisely. Your statement has much power to attract the audience to your paper. Use such words that create a good impact among the viewers.


This blog post shares the most important methods to write an effective statement for your thesis. Students’ thesis is dependent on this statement. If you are not writing it properly, you will not introduce your thesis paper properly. As you know, if the introduction paragraph fails, all of your topics may not be considered. Keep all of the above in your mind when writing a paper. It is the final of your graduation. This article helps students to make an engaging or clear thesis statement. Good Luck!